GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 11 (Bonus disk) 

Disk 11 / Bonus Disk - Time : 38:45  
01 Feel Like Heaven [1978/1979] (3:07) Simmons
02 Obnoxious [1977 / 1978 ?] (2:37) Simmons
03 Mina'San, Mina'San [2013] (2:29) Simmons
04 Just Begun To Fight [1978] (3:24) Simmons
05 It's Funny, But It Ain't No Joke [1978 / 1979] (2:33) Simmons
06 Love By Invitation [1978] (3:18) Simmons
07 Dorothy Lamour [1980] (2:43) Simmons
08 Queen Of Hearts [1980] (3:12) Simmons / Peppy Castro
09 My Lorraine [1980] (1:57) Simmons
10 Leeta [1969/1970] (2:23) Simmons
11 Put On Your Slippers [1970] (2:24) Simmons
12 Gypsy Nights [1978 / 1979] (2:53) Simmons
13 Eskimo Sun [1970] (3:08) Simmons
14 A Reevus In The Eye - Nancy [1969/1970] (1:25) Simmons
15 My Uncle Is A Raft [1966] (1:16) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 11 (Bonus disk)" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; acoustic guitar on track 15;
all instruments on track 01, 12)

Tom Moody (guitar on track 04)
Chuck Billings (drums on track 04)

Anton Fig (drums on track 07)

Holly Knight (keyboards on track 07)

Peppy Castro (keyboards and guitar on track 08)
Brooke Ostrander (keyboards on track 11 and 14)

Mark Nyberg (drums on track 15)
Larry Martinelli (electric guitar on track 15).

Track 10 recorded with
Track 13 recorded with RAINBOW.
Track 04 demoed with members of
Track 07 demoed with members of SPIDER.

"The Vault - disk 11 (Bonus disk)" recording details :

01. Feel Like Heaven (1978 /1979)
There are quite a number of different versions of “Feel Like Heaven”. This demo is one step from the original (slightly vulgar “piss flaps”) version that circulated in fan circles (bootleg albums) for decades. This demo features Gene Simmons on bass and a children’s synthesizer. At the beginning of 1981 KISS would record a version of this song, at primarily Ace Frehley’s home (-studio) with overdubs being added at Penny Lane Studios in New York City, before that album sessions transformed into “The Elder” project.
In 1982 the song appeared on
PETER CRISS’ 1982 “Let Me Rock You” album. According to “The Vault” book, during the eighties Gene Simmons also re-recorded the song with Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr which version was less dancey, less R &B and more rock.

02. Obnoxious (1977 / 1978 ? )
According to Gene Simmons “The Vault” book the song was written on the road and recorded the same day as “Eat Your Heart Out” and “Love Is Blind”.
The chorus was later recycled as the more familiar “Reputation”.
This version of the demo, without any drums, using the more familiar title (“Reputation”) circulated in fan circles for many years, through “The Vault” version features a speed-corrected version that omits the instrumental introduction, essentially the verse music that would otherwise have had the track run 2:53.

03. Mina-San, Mina-San (2013)
Offered to Japanese girl band Momoiro Clover Z, this song was ultimately ignored in favor of a song Paul Stanley wrote “Samurai Son”.
The song recycles elements from the “Fourever” demo (
see disk 9, track 15).

04. I Have Just Begun To Fight (1978)
While this song is often described as being an "
Asylum" demo it was originally demoed in late 1978/early 1979. During 1978/9 Gene Simmons was working with the boy-band VIRGIN (who were managed by Bill Aucoin), producing an album that was never released. At the same time Gene was demoing material with VIRGIN drummer Chuck Billings and guitarist Tom Moody.
Tom Woody would also help out on rhythm guitar on a couple of the 4 or 5 songs Gene and Chuck recorded - one, whose title is unknown, was later re-recorded for a KISS album.

05. It’s Funny, But It Ain’t No Joke (1978/1979)
4-track home recording, New York City, dating after “Love By Invitation” (see this disk track 06). Gene recycled the verse of that song and added a new chorus.

06. Love By Invitation (1978)
Demoed at a studio in Los Angeles, CA. In “The Vault” book dates this demo around the same time as “Fourever” (
see disk 9, track 15). The recording has a saxophone solo.

07. Dorothy Lamour (1980)
This demo was recorded with members of the Aucoin managed band SPIDER (Anton Fig on drums and Holly Knight on keyboards) providing the backing instrumentation.

08. Queen Of Hearts (1980)
Demoed from around the same time “Naked City” was written.
Gene Simmons took an original demo written by Peppy Castro (of
BALANCE) and added the melody and lyrics. This demo includes Peppy Castro on keyboards and guitars, along with a drum machine and synthesizer, on which Gene added his vocals.

09. My Lorraine (1980)
Simply recorded with a Boom Box in a kitchen in 1980, as an exercise in trying to remember and play an old song Gene Simmons wrote in 1966 …

10. Leeta (1969/1970)
Recorded with Gene’s college band
BULLFROG BHEER at Sanders Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY. This transfer is not the same as the 2001 KISS “Box set” version.
There are multiple sources available for this recording, certainly 2 different acetates and
Gene Simmons 1970 12 song Publishing Reel.
“The Vault” version sounds identical to the B-side of the (1969 Richcraft Recording Company ) 10” acetate “Stanley The Parrot”.

11. Put On You Slippers (1970)
2-track-reel recorded at Brooke’s living room in Nutley, New Jersey. Recorded with Brooke Ostrander on keyboards for use on
Gene Simmons 1970 12 song Publishing Reel.
The original submission letter that accompanied the reel noted that the song length was 2:40. (see “The Vault” book page 79)

12. Gypsy Nights (1978/1979)
Dating from the same period as “Feel Like Heaven” (see this disk, track 01) when Gene was feeling inspired by E.L.O. And just like the “Feel Like Heaven” demo, this song features Gene Simmons on bass and a children’s synthesizer.

13. Eskimo Sun (1970)
A song performed live by
RAINBOW (the precursor to Wicked Lester). The line-up included a 3:55 long recording was on Gene Simmons 1970 12 song Publishing Reel.
The song is notable for being the source of the melody of “Only You” and was ultimately recorded for KISS 1981 “The Elder” album.

14. A Reevus In The Eye – Nancy (1969/1970)
Initially recorded solo by Gene Simmons in South Fallsburg, upstate New York, and later overdubbed with Brooke Ostrander keyboards (at his living room). This song was included on
Gene Simmons 1970 12 song Publishing Reel.

15. My Uncle Is A Raft (1966)
One of the first songs Gene Simmons wrote, when he was just learning to play chords on the guitar. The song was recorded at Larry Martinelli’s Brooklyn Basement, with Gene Simmons on acoustic guitar with his school friends Mark Nyberg on drums and Larry Martinelli on electric guitar.

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