GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 0

Disk  08 - Time : 45:55  
01 We Rocked It All Night [2009] (3:23) Simmons
02 She's Rotten To The Core [1989 ?] (3:32) Simmons / Kulick
03 S & M Love [2002] (2:37) Simmons
04 Sweet & Dirty Love [2003] (3:19) Simmons
05 Jelly Roll [1975/1976] (1:52) Simmons
06 Just Gimme Love #2 [1997] (3:44) Simmons
07 You Wanted The Best [1998] (3:36) Simmons
08 Just Gimme Love #1 [1977] (3:25) Simmons
09 Hit The Ground [200?] (2:07) Simmons
10 Who Said So [2011] (1:53) Simmons
11 Bad Bad Lovin' [1978] (3:12) Simmons
12 I'm Paralyzed [1988/1989] (3:31) Simmons / Bob Ezrin
13 Chrome Heart [1988] (3:33) Simmons / Kulick
14 Till The End Of Time [1993/1994 ?] (3:11) Simmons
15 Thou Shalt Not [1991] (3:00) Simmons / Jesse Damon

musicians on "The Vault - disk 08" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; all instruments on track 08)

Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 02, 13)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 09, 10)
Eric Singer (drums on track 01, 04, 09, 10)

Bob Ezrin (background vocals on track 12)

"The Vault - disk 08" recording details :

01. Rocked It All Night (2009)
Written and demoed for “Sonic Boom”, it recycled the “All The Kids In Painted Faces” and “You Drive Us Wild, We’ll Drive You” Crazy lyrics.
It’s likely includes Eric Singer on drums and Tommy Thayer on guitar.

02. She’s Rotten To The Core (1989 ?)
"Rotten To The Core" has been a song title that Gene Simmons has messed around with for decades. An 1976 version (which Gene Simmons demoed with STARZ drummer Joe X) surfaced following the Kiss Butterfields auction, though while it never made it on to a Kiss album Gene didn't let the lyric go. In 1989 it was purported that the title would appear on the band's "Hot In The Shade" album, since Gene and Bruce Kulick had worked on the song (Gene used the lyric on his "
Nobody's Perfect" demo around 1984/5).
Bruce Kulick felt that the song was wrong for Kiss' sort of attitude at the time and it was dropped from consideration for the album. Gene continued to try and place the song other artists, without success, and he recorded another version of the song with members of
SILENT RAGE in 1991. A 1989 version of this song with LITA FORD on lead vocals was released on her “Time Capsule” archival album in April 2016. That version includes Gene Simmons on bass, Bruce Kulick on guitars and Roger Carter on drums.

03. S & M Love (2002)
Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer attempting to update the ancient “Sweet & Dirty Love”.
Originally written and demoed as “Jelly Roll” in 1975/1976 (see track 05 on this disk).

04. Sweet & Dirty Love (2003)
Another version of the song with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer with it approaching the form that would be used on Gene Simmons 2004 “
Asshole” album, which 2004 version features Bruce Kulick on guitar.
Originally written and demoed as “Jelly Roll” in 1975/1976 (see track 05 on this disk).

05. Jelly Roll (1975/1976)
Demo, taken from the
1976 Studio demo 12" Acetate ; The Master Cutting Room, Inc.

06. Just Gimme Love #2 (1997)
Another demo attempt in developing the song, that would be ultimately become “You Wanted The Best”. Recorded with Tommy Thayer on guitar on the same day as “Say You Don’t Want It” (
see disk 1, track 13) in 1997.

07. You Wanted The Best (1998)
With the song approaching its final form, Gene demoed it with Tommy Thayer on guitar singing all the vocals himself. Where he planned the other members to sing he shout out there names as placeholders. Lyrics are not complete, so there is some scatting in sections.

08. Just Gimme Love #1 (November ? 1977)
Gene suggests that this demo is recorded at some small town studio while the band was on tour. The song is demoed the same day as his first recording of “Love Is Blind” (
see disk 6, track 11). Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments, through there is click-track in place of drums and backing vocals are by random people hanging around the studio.

09. Hit The Ground (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) (200?)
Demoed with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.
The recording is the initial sketch with scat vocals, so there are no lyrics for the song yet.

10. Who Said So (2011)
Recorded at Conway Recording Studios Studio C, Hollywood, CA with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.
With no lyrics, this early stage of a demo is inspired by Pete Townshend of The Who, which makes the recording more a hopeful jam that illustrates the creative process.

11. Bad Bad Lovin’ (1978)
This demo is the version of the song that developed after “Calling Dr. Love” (
see disk 4, track 10) split into a separate song. This demo version with saxophones and female backing vocals circulated in fan circles (bootleg albums) for decades.

12. I’m Paralyzed (1988/1989)
Recorded at Pat Regan’s Fortress Studios, Los Angeles, CA, and just missed being included on the “Hot In The Shade” album. This demo features Gene on guitars and bass. At the time Bob Ezrin joined Gene Simmons in the studio, and you can hear both singing the background vocals.
Additional work would be done on the song for inclusion on the 1992 “Revenge” album.

13. Chrome Heart (1988)
In The Vault book there’s a picture of the original hand written lyrics to the song which credits “Simmons/Rice”. The Simmons / Howard Rice version was
demoed in 1983 and by accident ended up on a demo song cassette witch were offered to British band HEAVY PETTIN while Gene Simmons was on location filming "Runaway". The cover and spine of this Maxell Epilaxial UDXL 90 cassette include Gene's handwriting and is dated 9-14-83. The cassette sleeve was originally the sleeve for WENDY O' WILLIAMS demos from the Right Track Recording in New York.
Besides the three tracks written on the cassette sleeve, there are two additional demo-tracks added to the (1983) tape: "While The City Sleeps" and "Chrome Heart".
According to “The Vault” book, this version is demoed after the “Crazy Nights” album.
The 1988 demo is co-credited to Bruce Kulick and recycles the title utilizing a riff that Bruce Kulick had brought to Gene. The hand written lyrics of “Chrome Heart” (co-written by Howard Rice) in “The Vault” book are completely different to this 1988 demo version.

14. ‘Til The End Of Time (1993/1994 ?)
There are not much details about this demo (with partly scat vocals) in “The Vault” book. With similarities of “Seduction Of The Innocent” (
see disk 7, track 11) the song would seem to fit on “Carnival Of Souls”.

15. Thou Shalt Not (1991)
This instrumental track (with only vocals during the chorus line) is a different version (or take) than that which previously circulated and is of stunning quality. According to Gene Simmons, this is the demo before he had a lyric idea.
Co-written with Jesse Damon of
SILENT RAGE, the book does not credit any musicians.

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