GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 03   

Disk 03 - Time : 50:04  
01 Christine Sixteen (w. Van Halen Bros) [1977] (2:39) Simmons
02 Tunnel Of Love (with Van Halen Bros) [1977] (3:32) Simmons
03 Got Love For Sale (w.Van Halen Bros) [1977] (3:10) Simmons
04 Hell Or High Water [demo 1986] (3:10) Simmons / Kulick
05 Domino [demo 1991] (3:46) Simmons
06 Mad Dog [1975] (2:27) Simmons
07 Only You [demo 1979] (4:34) Simmons
08 True Confessions #2 [1978] (3:33) Simmons
09 Childhoods End [demo 1993] (3:30) Simmons / Kulick / T.Thayer
10 Burning Up With Fever #2 [1976/1977] (3:05) Simmons
11 Good Girl Gone Bad [demo 1986] (4:04) Simmons / Davitt Sigerson
12 Live Fast Die Young (Trial By Fire) [1985] (3:32) Simmons / Kulick
13 Secretly Cruel [demo 1983] (3:46) Simmons
14 Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Yeah [demo 1976] (2:18) Simmons
15 Am I Losing My Mind [1980] (2:55) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 03" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals)

Edward Van Halen (guitars on track 01, 02, 03)
Alex Van Halen (drums on track 01, 02, 03)

Ace Frehley (guitar on track 06)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 04, 11)
JR Smalling (drums on track 06)

Track 05 recorded with SILENT RAGE.

Group With No Name :
- Katey Sagal (background vocals on track 08)
- Franny Eisenberg (background vocals on track 08)
- Carolyn Ray (background vocals on track 08)

"The Vault - disk 03" recording details :

01. Christine Sixteen (April 1977)
02. Tunnel Of Love (April 1977)
03. Have Love Will Travel (Got Love For Sale) (April 1977)

All three tracks are demoed with the Van Halen Brothers at the Village Recorder Studios, Los Angeles, CA. In “Christine Sixteen” the spoken word section is missing, but the piano pump is present even at this early stage. Also the vocal melody is a little different and there is an extra bridge that was cut when recording the song for KISS 1977 “Love Gun”. The overall arrangement of “Tunnel Of Love” is the same as on Gene Simmons 1978 solo album, this demo version of the song is more notable for Edward Van Halen's guitar solo. (A re-recorded version of) “Got Love For Sale” ended up on KISS 1977 “Love Gun” album, but was originally titled “Have Love Will Travel”.

04. Hell Or High Water (1986)
4-track home recording with Bruce Kulick, being demoed at Bruce’s condo.

05. Domino (1991)
Demoed with the members of
SILENT RAGE at the Chameleon Recording Studios, San Fernando, CA. The drums are via a drum machine. Gene Simmons only performed the vocal. The lyrics are different in a few places and there is no guitar solo or overdubs.
This track was previously released on the 2001 KISS “Boxset”. However, the tempo of "The Vault" version is adjusted with an edited outro section the shortens the arrangement.

06. Mad Dog (July 1975)
One of the several demo’s recorded at the Magna Graphic Studios, New York City in preparation for KISS fourth studio album, with Ace Frehley on guitar and JR Smalling on drums. This track was previously released on the 2001 KISS “Boxset”, but "The Vault" version have an improved master.

07. Only You (1979)
Is a revamped version of the 1970 song “Eskimo Sun” (see
disk 11, track 13), but different to the final version as released on “The Elder”(1981). This recording of the song includes different lyrics, keyboards and little backing vocals, which makes it sounds like it was written as a Rock track for the band Foreigner.
This version does feature great lead guitar work by an un-credited guitar player …

08. True Confessions #2 (1978)
Recorded at the Record Plant Studios, New York City.
Several versions of the song are included on "The Vault", but this version closely mirrors Gene’s 1978 album version’s arrangement. On this demo Gene Simmons played the guitars and the bass. Recorded with the “Group With No Name” (Katey Sagal, Franny Eisenberg and Carolyn Ray) on backing vocals, which act was also signed to Casablanca.

09. Childhood’s End (1993)
The music and arrangement of this heavier demo sounds completely different to the 1997 “Carnival Of Souls” album version.

10. Burning Up With Fever #2 (1976/1977)
Recorded at Magna Graphic Studios, New York City  The song have been demoed before at Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles, January 1975, as well as July 1975 at the Magna Graphic Studios, New York City with JR Smalling on drums (see
disk 4, track 12).
“Burning Up With Fever” would be recorded for Gene Simmons 1978 solo album, with Donna Summer sang backing vocals. According to Gene Simmons “The Vault” book, Donna Summer really liked the song and wanted to record it herself.

11. Good Girl Gone Bad (1986)
The song is co-written with Mercury Records President Davitt Sigerson, who helped with the lyrics and overall melody. Demoed with Bruce Kulick on guitar, and backed by a drum machine.

12. Live Fast, Die Young (Trial By Fire) (1985)
Demo version of the “Asylum” song “Trial By Fire”, with a different chorus.
The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify who is playing on the demo.

13. Secretly Cruel (1983)
This demo sounds close to the finished “
Asylum” (1985) album version.
Another demo of the song does exists, which together with “
Anyway You Slice It” was demoed on a vintage Tascam tape recorder the same year.

14. Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Yeah (1976)
Early demo version of the song, also known as “Rock and Rolls Royce”.
The song was written for KISS 1976 “Destroyer” album, but ended up on KISS “Rock and Roll Over” the same year.

15. Am I Losing My Mind (Only You) (1980)
Recycling the main chords of “Only You” with other parts of the 1970 song “Eskimo Sun” (see
disk 11, track 13), this time backed with a disco beat …..

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