Gene Simmons
KISS - Asylum demo's

Original Recording: 1985
Produced by: ???

01 We Won't Take It Anymore (1983)* (3:13) Simmons / Carr
02 100 Percent (2:41) Simmons
03 Anyway You Slice It (1983) (3:41) Simmons / Howard Rice
04 Hello Hello (3:22) Simmons
05 I Have Just Begun To Fight * (1:33) Simmons
06 Nobody's Perfect (3:15) Simmons
07 Nobody's Perfect (instrumental) (2:19) Simmons
08 Russian Roulette (2:40) Simmons
09 Secretly Cruel (1983) (3:05) Simmons
10 Take It Like a Man (2:37) Simmons
11 What You See Is What You Get * (2:56) Simmons / Weissman
12 Reason For Living * (0:00) Simmons / Weissman
13 Eat Your Heart Out * (0:00) Simmons / Weissman
14 Daily Planet (version 2, instrumental) * (1:09) Simmons
15 Untitled (instrumental) (2:13) Simmons

* Track 01 : "We Won't Take It Anymore " was long considered as a Gene Simmons 1985 "Asylum" demo. The song was offered in 1983 to British band HEAVY PETTIN' while Gene Simmons was on location filming "Runaway".

* Track 05 : "I Have Just Begun To Fight"  is often described as being an "Asylum" demo it was originally demoed in early 1979. The original demo is far superior to the generally circulating piece (which runs 1:33) in terms of quality and runs 3.30. During 1978/9 Gene Simmons was working with the boy-band VIRGIN (who were managed by Bill Aucoin), producing an album that was never released. At the same time Gene was demoing material with Virgin drummer Chuck Billings. Chuck, and Virgin's guitarist, Tom Moody.

* Track 11 : More than likely this demo also dated before "Animalize" (1984). Eric Carr would play drums on this demo (in progess).

* Track 12 : While the song title is similar to a track Gene Simmons would record in the early nineties with Silent Rage, and release on the audio CD version of (the book) "Sex Money KISS", this song would be written with Mitch Weissman prior to "Animalize" (1984), based on the main riff of "It's Gonna Be Alright" (1982 - 1983 demo).

* Track 13 : Written before "Animalize" (1984). Eric Carr would play drums on this demo.

* Track 14 : Recycled version of the 1975 - 1976 demo.

Before the final recording session of Asylum, Gene Simmons already had written about 40 songs. The tracks on this list appeared on some demo's circulating in the mid -80's. 

further details unknown.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Audio Samples 

We Won't Take It Anymore
100 Percent
Any Way You Slice It
Hello, Hello
I Have Just Begun To Fight
Nobody's Perfect
Russian Roulette
Secretly Cruel
Take It Like A Man
What You See Is What You Get


Mitch Weissman (2013)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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