Gene Simmons demo's  Gene Simmons audio book  Gene Simmons audio Lunch box
Sex Money Kiss - Limited Edition Lunchbox
includes 5-CD audiobook
(unabridged edition)  + never before released 2 song CD

Released : June 2003
Produced by: Gene Simmons
Time (2 track bonus demo CD) : 07:55

CD 1 - 5 : Gene Simmons audio book "Sex Money Kiss", read by Gene Simmons

CD 6
: Gene Simmons : Two new Never Before Recorded Songs
01 Everybody Knows (3:20) Gene Simmons
02 You're My Reason For Livin' (4:23) Gene Simmons

USA : New Millennium Audio / Simmons Books / Simmons Audio - ISBN: 1590073169

musicians :
Gene Simmons (lead vocals)
E.J. Curse (bass on track 2)
Jesse Damon (acoustic & electric guitars on track 2)
Mark Hawkins (keyboards on track 2)
Brian James (drums & programming on track 2)

Further details unknown

"Your My Reason For Livin' " is performed by Silent Rage and sung by Gene Simmons.


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67.17. You're My Reason For Living (Gene Simmons, 2003)
(As KARRF #49.17 and #36.28) An unused track dating from the "Revenge" era, this song would finally be released in demo format as part of Gene's audio CD lunch-box for "Sex Money KISS" in 2003. According to Jesse Damon, the song demo was "recorded sometime between 1991-93. Around 10 years ago. I absolutely thought it was a smash hit, not our demo, I mean the song itself, the chorus 'You're My Reason For Livin,' say's it all" (JG). Whatever the case the song is stylistically similar to material Gene would later record, notably "Journey Of 1,000 Years" for the "Psycho Circus" album and can be seen as being a latter-day "Great Expectations." Running to 4:23 this very atmospheric piece is keyboard laden before becoming acoustic with Silent Rage serving as Gene's backing band. While the piece does become a full blown electric piece it includes some great lyric lines: "Can't feel the pain / And that's a start / But the first time I saw your face / Was the last time I saw my heart."

67.18. Everybody Knows (Gene Simmons, 2003)
Previously noted as 36.29. this track, along with 67.17, was originally released on a bonus CD in the lunch box version of the audio book for Gene's book "Sex Money KISS." Both of these songs would be included on the Japanese version of Gene's 2004 solo album as bonus tracks. This probably dates to the same period as 67.17.

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" You're My Reason For Living "

also recorded by :

Jesse Damon (2004)
Jesse Damon


Jesse Damon (KISSfaq 2003)


Gene Simmons (official)

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