GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)    
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 02   

Disk 02 - Time : 53:48  
01 Weapons [1997] (4:16) Simmons
02 Weapons (Power To Raise The Dead) [1998] (4:13) Simmons / Frehley
03 Hate [1993/1994] (3:41) Simmons / Kulick / Van Zen
04 Carnival Of Souls #2  [1993/1994] (3:15) Simmons / Van Zen
05 Master Of Flash [1980] (3:37) Montgomery
06 Heavy Rain [1993/1994] (3:24) Simmons / Kulick
07 Within [1993/1994] (5:58) Simmons
08 In Your Face [1997] (1:51) Simmons
09 In Your Face (Ace Frehley Re-write) [1998] (3:18) Simmons / Frehley
10 Rain #2 [1994] (3:32) Simmons
11 Carnival Intro [1993/1994] (0:31) Simmons / Van Zen
12 I Wanna Live [1991] (4:33) Simmons / Vinnie Vincent
13 If It's Too Hot, You're Too Cold [1990] (3:41) Simmons
14 Rain Keeps Fallin' [1991] (3:22) Simmons
15 Bells of Freedom [1997] (4:37) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 02" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; guitars on track 05, all instruments on track 08)

Ace Frehley (lead vocals on track 02 and 09; lead guitar on track 09)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 01, 02, 06, 07, 10)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 15)
Eric Singer (drums on track 01, 02, 07, 10)

Scott Van Zen (bass and guitar on track 04; keyboards on track 11)

Track 12, 13 and 14 recorded with SILENT RAGE.

"The Vault - disk 02" recording details :

01. Weapons (1997)
The original demo of the song that later became “Weapons (Of Mass Destruction)” on Gene Simmons “
Asshole” (2004) album. This 1997 demo features Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. The song was under consideration for use on the 1998 “Psycho Circus” album.

02. Weapons (Power To Raise The Dead) (1998)
While “Weapons” was considered for the 1998 “
Psycho Circus” album, Gene Simmons offered the song to Ace Frehley to sing. Ace Frehley didn’t like the lyrics, and rewrote it.
This version features Ace Frehley vocals to the original backing track (with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick).

03. Hate (1993/1994)
Before writing the song, Bruce Kulick came up with a guitar riff and Gene Simmons came up with the bridge and B part riffs. Just like the other demo’s with Scott Van Zen, the demo of “Hate” sounds more like a “Revenge” track compared to the final version on the “Carnival Of Soul” (1997) album. The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify who is playing on the demo.

04. Carnival Of Souls #2 (1993/1994)
This is the original demo of the unused title track from the “Carnival Of Souls” (1997) album, which was later revisited for the “Psycho Circus” (1998) album. Finally the song appeared on Gene Simmons (2004) “
Asshole” album. This version does not have finished lyrics. Scott Van Zen plays bass and guitar with a drum machine used for percussion.

05. Master Of Flash (1980)
According to a 1976 copyright registration, this song was written by members of Street Punk (Bobby Blain and Jon Montgomery), a band that KISS performed with during August 1973. The copyright was transferred to KISS in 1980 after Gene Simmons purchased the song.
Jon Montgomery released his version of the song on MySpace in 2009 and on his "Through The Years" album in 2014. With lyrics such as "All the kids with painted faces follow him around, all the girls with satin and laces know when he's in town," it's hardly surprising that Gene Simmons found the song appealing. This Bowie-esque (“Ziggy Stardust”) Tascam cassette 4-track machine home demo recording features Gene playing guitar, including the solo (no other instruments are on the recording).

06. Heavy Rain (1993/1994)
A heavier re-write of “Rain Keeps Falling” (disc 2, track 10 and 14) , demoed with Bruce Kulick. Part of this version would be recycled as the bridge in “Within” ….

07. Within (1993/1994)
This is the original “Carnival Of Souls” era demo with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick.
“Within” was eventually recorded for KISS 1998 “Psycho Circus” album.

08. In Your Face (1997)
A (short) Gene Simmons lo-fi demo for the “Psycho Circus” sessions.
On this demo Gene played all guitars, bass and backing vocals, over a loop of Eric Carr’s “I Love It Loud” drum track.

09. In Your Face (with Ace Frehley) (1998)
Gene Simmons wanted Ace Frehley to sing the song, Ace Frehley wasn’t keen on Gene’s lyrics and rewrote them. The version on “The Vault” is an alternate take, and is not the same version as the bonus track on the Japanese KISS "
Psycho Circus" album, and the "Non-album Bonus Track" on various versions of the KISS "We Are One" CD-single.

10. Rain #2 (1994)
Another re-write of “Rain Keeps Falling” with a different guitar riff and where the bass and drums have more ‘swing’ (compared to the version as recorded with Silent Rage - see disk 2 track 14). Recorded with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick.

11. Carnival (intro) (1993/1994)
Scott Van Zen created this dark carnival intro using a public domain melody.

12. I Wanna Live (1991)
Recorded at the Chameleon Recording Studios, San Fernando, CA.
Before moving into recording, Gene Simmons and Vinnie Vincent worked on the instrumentation over a drum beat created by
SILENT RAGE. After that the song is recorded with the members of SILENT RAGE.
During our Vault Experience in Frankfurt, Germany (July 24, 2018) Gene Simmons told me (Jelle Jansen) that he and Vinnie Vincent wrote about 10 more songs together for the “Revenge” sessions, which all were much heavier than “I Wanna Live”.

13. If It’s Too Hot, You’re Too Cold (1990)
Recorded with the members of
SILENT RAGE at the Chameleon Recording Studios, San Fernando, CA. The song have recycled elements of the “Rotten To The Core” demo.
To me a typical Gene Simmons song which (also) would fit on “Animalize”, “Crazy Nights” and “Hot In The Shade” ….
The song ended up on KISS 1998 “Sonic Boom” album as “Hot and Cold” (and not “Eat Your Heart Out” according by mistake in “The Vault” book).

14. Rain Keeps Fallin’#1. (1991)
Recorded with the members of
SILENT RAGE at the Chameleon Recording Studios, San Fernando, CA. The drums are via a drum machine.
A slightly different arrangement of the demo song (which runs 3:55) was released on the deluxe
Gene Simmons Family Jewels” Season 1 DVD Package (2006).
Gene Simmons didn’t give up on the track and it was re-recorded in 1998 and considered for the “
Psycho Circus” album. Later on, Gene Simmons recycled the bass riff for “Without You I’m Nothing” on Ace Frehley’s 2018 album “Spaceman”.

15. Bells Of Freedom (1997)
This demo features Tommy Thayer on guitar.
To me (Jelle / KRR) this is one of the songs on “The Vault” that summarize the best of Gene Simmons, from his 1978 solo album up to the 2000’s….

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