GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 07  

Disk 07 - Time : 50:30  
01 No Conscience [1988] (3:32) Simmons / Vini Poncia
02 Suspicious [1987] (3:18) T.Thayer / J.St.James /Pat Regan
03 Everybody Wants [1991] (2:23) Simmons / Jesse Damon
04 Promise The Moon [1986] (3:55) Simmons/Kulick/Thayer/St.James
05 All You Want's A Piece Of My Heart [1988] (3:51) Adam Mitchell
06 Pride [2003] (3:06) Matt McCormack / Simmons
07 Mirage [1988] (3:27) Simmons
08 Dog (with BAG) [2002] (3:31) Chuaqui / Simmons
09 If I Had A Gun (with BAG) [2002] (3:19) Chuaqui
10 I Walk Alone [199?] (3:26) Simmons / Kulick
11 Seduction Of The Innocent [199?] (5:07) Simmons / Van Zen
12 Lonely Is The Hunter [demo 1983] (3:01) Simmons
13 Never Gonna Leave You #1 [1977] (2:22) Simmons
14 I Ain't Comin' Back [197?] (2:57) Simmons
15 Never Gonna Leave You #2 [199?] (3:16) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 07" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; all instruments on track 13 and 14)

Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 01, 10, 15)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 02, 04, 05; backing vocals on track 05)
Eric Singer (drums on track 15)

Mark Hawkins (guitar on track 03)
BAG (Alex Chuaqui) (keyboards, keyboard bass and drum sampling on track 08 and 09)

Track 02 and 04 demoed with (members of) BLACK 'N BLUE
Track 03 recorded with members of

"The Vault - disk 07" recording details :

01. No Conscience (1988)
Demo version which general melody was transformed into “Love’s A Slap In The Face” on the “Hot In The Shade” album. Featuring Bruce Kulick on guitar. Lyrically “No Conscience” is based on a conversation between Vini Poncia and Gene Simmons while writing together prior KISS 1989 “Hot In The Shade” album.

02. Suspicious (1987)
This demo recording is Gene Simmons vocal take of a song that appeared on BLACK 'N BLUE’s 1988 “
In Heat” album. The book doesn’t clarify the players, but you can distinctly hear Jaime St. James singing background vocals. Otherwise, in “The Vault” book Gene wrote “And the guys went off and wrote the song”, which makes it logical that this take is musically demoed by BLACK 'N BLUE.

03. Everybody Wants (1991)
According to Jesse Damon: “ this was the first song Gene Simmons and I wrote together, it was in the running as a song for a possible KISS album, but didn’t make it”.
The lyrics weren’t complete, so you hear Gene scatting throughout the song.
SILENT RAGE’s Mark Hawkins plays guitar on the demo track. Jesse Damon would release his recording of the song on his 2002 “The Hand That Rocks” solo album.

04. Promise The Moon (1986)
Based on a 70s song called “Sentimental Fool” that Bob Kulick and Gene Simmons wrote together. When Gene Simmons was producing BLACK 'N BLUE, he suggested the song to Tommy Thayer and Jaime St. James. They came back with a newer song “Promise The Moon” with new lyrics, slightly different melody, but still using the same chords and riff that Bob Kulick and Gene Simmons had come up with years ago.
Demoed with (members of) BLACK 'N BLUE with Gene Simmons on lead vocals.
The song has been recorded by BLACK 'N BLUE for their 1986 “
Nasty Nasty” album, with keyboards being performed by John Purdell. At the last moment the song was dropped in favor of the more commercial Jonathan Cain penned “I’ll Be There For You”.

05. All You Want’s A Piece Of My Heart (1988)
This demo track is simply Gene Simmons singing / scatting on one of Adam Mitchell’s songs with Tommy Thayer on guitar and background vocals.
From the folks involved, this recording dates from BLACK 'N BLUE 1988 “
In Heat” sessions, when Adam Mitchell was involved in co-writing with Jamie St. James and Tommy Thayer.

06. Pride (2003)

This song is written by Matt McCormack, who submitted his 2002 promo/demo CD “
Here We Go Again” to Simmons Records. When Gene Simmons heard the disc he really liked the song "Pride". He ended up buying the song from Matt McCormack, and flying down to Austin to record it at the Slaughterhouse Studio, May 2003.
Gene Simmons took Matt's lead vocals off, and putting his lead vocal on the track.
Gene Simmons wrote a new verse changed some lyrics and chorus lines, and ultimately did his version of the song. During these sessions Gene Simmons and Matt McCormack worked on another song named “Lost In Time”, which sound can be best described as E.L.O. being fronted by Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Bob Mayo on the keyboards..
In 2006 "Pride" was mentioned to be featured on the Gene Simmons box set "Monster (100 unreleased songs)". According to Matt "It was a pleasure working with Gene. The actual physical track of the song (drums, bass, guitar, etc) belongs to Gene Simmons."
On July 25, 2017 "Pride" finally got its official release when Matt McCormack's collaboration with Gene Simmons' is released as
an iTunes digital single.
On August 11, 2017 "Pride" appeared on Matt McCormack's full album "Life In Stereo".
(NOTE : in “The Vault” book Gene Simmons suggests the song "Pride" is related to Mark Addison of the song “Beautiful” (
see disk 6 track 06), but I guess that’s a mistake - Jelle Jansen / KRR)

07. Mirage (1988)
This 1988 demo is developed out of a 1970’s song titled “Through The Night” and a later Stanley/Simmons collaboration titled “Sweetheart Of The Radio”.
DORO later recorded “Mirage” for her 1990 Gene Simmons produced album.

08. Dog (2002)
Written by Gene Simmons and arranged by
BAG (real name Alex Chuaqui), who (at the time) just happens to be signed to Simmons Records. Gene has commented, "'Dog' was mostly written by BAG. It was recorded in BAG's living room, Vancouver BC, Canada.
BAG played all of the instruments. He's also singing harmonies on the song. Bag also sings the Warren Zevon sounding 'Werewolves Of London' vocal part. I wanted to make the song longer and remembered the Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs song, 'Little Red Riding Hood.' That's where I came up with the howling part in the beginning. In that song it struck me as the wolf talking to the little girl, it was very sexual. So I did that spoken word interlude, 'what a big tongue you got, the better to eat you with, my dear.' I was chuckling most of the way through" (Gene Simmons PR 2004). The original recording would be tightened up for release on Gene Simmons 2004 “Asshole” album.

09. If I Had A Gun (2002)
Written by Gene Simmons and
BAG (real name Alex Chuaqui), who (at the time) just happens to be signed to Simmons Records. According to Gene, "BAG, who's the first new artist on (the new) Simmons Records, wrote that. I reshaped the song a bit and also added the bridge. I was struck by the poignancy of 'look at me with my makeup messed, I'm so ugly, I've never been kissed.’ We all feel that way, sometimes" (GeneSimmons PR 2004). Recorded at BAG’s Living Room, Vancouver BC, Canada with BAG playing all the instruments. The recording is near the same, albeit in rearranged form, as the (edited) 2004 “Asshole” album version.

10. I Walk Alone (199?)
This is the original finished demo song Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick wrote together, with Gene’s lead vocals and Bruce Kulick on guitar.
Bruce Kulick would ultimately sing the song on the “Carnival Of Souls” album.

11. Seduction Of The Innocent (199?)
According to Gene Simmons’ (“The Vault” book), the melody of the song is the oldest melody reference point contained on The Vault. The melody formed one of his first songs “My Girl Bought Me Chocolate Ice Cream”, which had a Middle Eastern sound. “Seduction Of The Innocent” become one of the first song titles mentioned by Gene Simmons that was being worked on for the follow-up to “Revenge". Like all of the “Carnival Of Souls” demo’s this demo sounds different compared to the final album version.

12. Lonely Is The Hunter (1983)
Inspired by Humple Pie, and demoed a year before the “Animalize” album.
In his “The Vault” book Gene Simmons admits he wasn’t in the studio when KISS recorded the song for the 1984 “Animalize” album.

13. Never Gonna Leave You #1 (1977)
According to Gene Simmons this is one of the first demo recordings after obtaining his Tascam 4-track recorder. This demo is recorded at an apartment closet.  Inspired by the sort of chorus many Motown songs had (and includes parts of the “I Ain’t Comin’ Back” / see the next song on this disk). Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo.

14. I Ain’t Comin’ Back (197?)
A bass heavy Motown inspired dance track, also recorded at an apartment closet, and a sort of rework of “Never Gonna Leave You #1” (see track 13 on this disk). Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo, and a little Roland amp adds character …

15. Never Gonna Leave You #2 (199?)
An Hard Rock demo attempt (of track 13 on this disk) with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick to update the sound of the original 1977 demo.

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