GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 01   

Disk 01 - Time : 54:30  
01 Are You Ready [2007/2008] (3:09) Simmons
02 Turn To Stone [1993] (4:15) Simmons
03 Juliet [1993/1994] (2:52) Simmons / Tamplin
04 Hey You [1993/1994] (3:44) Simmons / Tamplin
05 I Confess [1993/1994] (3:40) Simmons / Tamplin
06 Legends Never Die [1982] (4:23) Simmons / Mitchell / Free
07 Something Wicked This Way Comes [1988] (3:48) Simmons
08 Hand Of Fate [2007/2008] (3:12) Simmons
09 Hunger [Jan. 1986] (4:08) Simmons
10 In My Head [1993/1994] (3:27) Simmons /Van Zen /St. James
11 Carnival Of Souls #1[1993/1994] (3:38) Simmons / Van Zen
12 Are You A Boy, or Are You A Girl [1988 ?] (2:47) Simmons
13 Say You Don't Want It [1997] (3:24) Simmons
14 Mongoloid Man [1978] (3:58) Simmons
15 I Wait [2002] (4:05) Darren Leader /Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 01" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals)

Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 07, 09)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 01, 02, 08, 12, 13)
Eric Carr (drums on track 06, 09, 12)
Eric Singer (drums on track 01, 08)

Ken Tamplin (guitar and background vocals on track 03, 04 and 05)

Micki Free (acoustic guitar on track 06)
Joe Perry (guitar on track 14)
Michael Des Barres (background vocals on track 14)

Track 15 demoed with Darren Leader.

"The Vault - disk 01" recording details :

01. Are You Ready (2007 / 2008)
A typical Party Rocker Gene Simmons style, which likely dates from “Sonic Boom” recording sessions with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. The song was also mentioned for inclusion on the “Monster” (2012) album.

02. I Turn To Stone (February 1993)
The intro of the song is recorded on a tape recorder in a hotel room before the track turns in fleshed-out version. Recorded with Tommy Thayer in a demo studio. The song was among the dozens ideas submitted by Gene for the “Psycho Circus” (1998) album.
A short sample of the song appeared on Gene Simmons “
Speaking In Tongues” DVD (2004). Sound-wise “I Turn To Stone” would fit on the “Hot In The Shade” (1989) album.

03. Juliet (1993/1994)
04. Hey You (1993 / 1994)
05. I Confess (1993 /1994)

All 3 songs are co-written an recorded with Ken Tamplin at his home studio.
Ken Tamplin plays guitar on these recordings which are backed by a drum machine.
All 3 demo songs sounds like they would fit on KISS’ 1992 album “Revenge”. “Juliet” features a Living Colour “Cult Of Personality”-like-riff. Near the end of “Hey You” there’s prominent bass work bass work by Gene Simmons. The demo of “I Confess” sounds much brighter and not as dark as the version released on KISS’ ”Carnival Of Souls” (1997).
Just like the final version, the demo arrangement features light keyboards ‘strings’.
Ken Tamplin is best known as the singer and (lead-) guitarist of the Christian Hard Rock band Shout. In 1990 Ken Tamplin released “
TAMPLIN AND FRIENDS An Axe To Grind”, which features a guest appearance by Mark St.John.

06. Legends Never Die (1982)
Recorded at Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA during the “Creatures Of The Night” sessions. The song didn’t make it to the album, so Gene Simmons took the KISS track and added
Wendy O. Williams vocals to it for the W.O.W album (1984), and as a result Eric Carr received a drumming credit. Micki Free is credited on acoustic guitar. The song was originally titled “When The Legend Dies” and credited to Micki Free and Gene Simmons.
In 1988 Gene Simmons should produce
KING KOBRA's third album, but later on drummer Carmine Appice decided to do it himself. In result the band still recorded both unreleased “Creatures” songs; “It’s My Life” and “Legends Never Die”. In 2002 DORO recorded a cover of the song “Legends Never Die”, which appears on her “Fight” album.

07. Something Wicked This Way Comes (1988)
Recorded with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar at Artisan Sound Recorders, Studio C. , with Mikey Davis engineering. The song had originally been under consideration for KISS’ “Hot In The Shade” album.
A 5:35 minute version, which repetition of the primary riff is featured on a circulating demo, which also includes the demo of “Street Legal”, which song is not on “The Vault”.
DORO later recorded “Something Wicked This Way Comes” for her 1990 Gene Simmons produced album.

08. Hand Of Fate (2007 / 2008)
This “Sonic Boom” era track is recorded ‘live’ at a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. After that Gene Simmons took the track to his home studio to add multi-layered harmonies (with the help of Engineer Pat Regan), re-arranged it and put additional stuff to it. Riff-wise (as well as the main vocals) the song sounds like a cross between “God Of Thunder” and “Within’” riff-wise, filled with some clean vocal backing harmonies ….

09. Hunger (January 1986)
A mid-tempo “Animalize”-like Simmons song, recorded with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick around New Year’s Eve 1985/1986 in Atlanta, GA, where the band played a show during the “Asylum” tour. The band had a couple of days of before the first show in 1986.
Gene submitted the song for consideration for the “Crazy Nights” album.

10. In My Head (1993 /1994)
The “The Vault” book doesn’t clarify who is playing on the demo.
A 16 track-demo recorded with an even darker vibe than the version re-recorded for the “Carnival of Souls” album.

11. Carnival Of Souls #1 (1993 /1994)
The “The Vault” book doesn’t clarify who is playing on the demo.
This version is similar, but not identical to the “Psycho Circus” (1997 / 1998) out-take.

12. Are You A Boy, Or Are You A Girl (1988 ?)
Mid-tempo Rocker, demoed with Eric Carr on drums and Tommy Thayer on guitar.
The lyrics were never finished, so you hear Gene Simmons doing some scat vocals through the melody.

13. Say You Don’t Want It (1997)
Another demo version of the “Daily Planet (1975) / Mongoloid Man (1978)” riff.
Recorded with Tommy Thayer on the same day as “Just Gimme Love #2” (
disk 8, track 06) in 1997. (Note : In the “The Vault” book, by mistake Gene suggests the song was demoed in 2001).

14. Mongoloid Man (1978)
Recorded in a studio in Los Angeles, CA with Joe Perry (Aerosmith) on guitar and Michael Des Barres (Detective) on backing vocals.
“Mongoloid Man” is based on the 1975 “
Daily Planet” riff. Some of the lyrics were recycled for use in “Spit” on the 1992 “Revenge” album. Both, Joe Perry and Michael Des Barres, made guest appearances on Gene Simmons 1978 solo album.

15. I Wait (April 25, 2002)
Based on a demo originally written by Darren Leader who became the drummer for Steel Panther.  When Darren played his demo to Gene, Gene Simmons got involved by adding a bridge and a chorus to the song. Music wise the song would fit on Gene Simmons “Asshole” (2004) album.
A second song “All The Kids With Painted Faces” (
disk 9, track 06) is recorded weeks later. The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify who is playing on the demo of “I Wait”.

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