GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 10 

Disk 10 - Time : 42:31  
01 Take It Like A Man #2 [1997] (2:43) Simmons
02 Take It Like A Man #1 [1983] (2:35) Simmons
03 Have Mercy, Baby [November 1986] (3:44) Simmons / Kulick
04 We Won't Take It Anymore [1983] (2:59) Simmons / Carr
05 My Babe [1983] (1:43) Simmons / Carr
06 Eat Your Heart Out [1977/1978] (2:31) Simmons
07 Nine Lives [1986] (3:25) Simmons / Sigerson
08 Howling For Your Love [1976] (2:16) Simmons
09 I Ain't Coming Back [197?] (2:57) Simmons
10 Granny Takes A Trip [1994] (2:06) Simmons
11 Piece Of The Rock [2000's] (3:44) Simmons / Robert Fleischman
12 Rock It [198?] (2:22) Simmons
13 Sticky Goo [1993 / 1994 ?] (2:59) Simmons
14 Love Came To Me [1977 ?] (3:25) Simmons
15 Roar Of The Greasepaint [199?] (3:03) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 10" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; all instruments on track 13, 14;
                        all instruments except for drums on track 06;
                        all instruments except lead guitar on track 07)

Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 01, 03, 07)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 15)
Eric Carr (guitar !! on track 04, 05)
Eric Singer (drums on track 01, 15)

Binky Philips (lead guitar on track 08)
Joe X (drums on track 06)
Robert Fleischman (all instruments and backing vocals on track 11)

Group With No Name :
- Katey Sagal (background vocals on track 08)
- Franny Eisenberg (background vocals on track 08)
- Carolyn Ray (background vocals on track 08)

"The Vault - disk 10" recording details :

01. Take It Like A Man #2 (1997)
Demoed with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, this demo is an heavier attempt to reinterpret the 1983 demo (see this disk track 02) and update it for use on the “Psycho Circus” album. Gene scats through most of song to create a guide track. With the intent all 4 members to share the lead vocal duties.
During his humorous scatting Gene provides exactly where each member would sing.

02. Take It Like A Man #1 (1983)
This on bass written low-fi 4-track demo version -from the so called “
Asylum demo's”- circulated in fan circles for decades.

03. Have Mercy Baby (1986)
Written and recorded with Bruce Kulick November 1986, the song sounds like it could’ve been on the “Crazy Nights” album.

04. We Won’t Take It Anymore (1983)
Recorded summer 1983 in a Hotel room in New York City with Eric Carr on guitar !!
The song was one of the songs Gene offered to British band
HEAVY PETTIN while Gene Simmons was on location filming "Runaway". The cover and spine of this Maxell Epilaxial UDXL 90 cassette include Gene's handwriting and is dated 9-14-83. The cassette sleeve was originally the sleeve for WENDY O' WILLIAMS demos from Right Track Recording in New York. This 4-track demo version – from the so called “Asylum demo's” circulated in fan circles for decades.

05. My Baby (1983)
Four-track demo, based on a chord patern Eric Carr brought to Gene Simmons to which he added the melody and lyric. Recorded summer 1983 in a Hotel room in New York City during the recording of the “Lick It Up” album.

06. Eat Your Heart Out (1977/1978)
Recorded at The Electric Lady Studios, New York City, with Joe X from STARZ on drums with Gene Simmons handling the rest of the instrumentation. This demo was the precursor to a song with the same title that would finally find a home on KISS 2012 “Monster” album. (Though Gene Simmons had also written a version in the mid 80’s with Mitch Weissman).

07. Nine Lives (1986)
Co-written with Mercury’s Vice President at the apartment Gene shared with Shannon Tweed. Recorded on 4-track with Gene Simmons handling all the instrumentation, with later lead guitar overdubs by Bruce Kulick.

08. Howling For Your Love (1976)
Long circulating in fan circles, this demo features the “Group With No Name” (Katey Sagal, Franny Eisenberg and Carolyn Ray) on backing vocals and Binky Philips (then formely of The Planets) on lead guitar.

09. I Ain’t Coming Back
(This is an error, it’s the same song as on
disk 7, track 14)

10. Granny Takes A Trip (1994)
There are not enough details in “The Vault” book.
Sonically it could easily date from the “Carnival Of Souls” era.

11. Piece Of The Rock (2000’s)
A demo collaboration with ex Journey and ex-
Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman, though Gene Simmons handles the vocal duties with Robert Fleischman assisting on the chorus. Robert had brought Gene a few ideas and this piece was one that resonated with Gene Simmons. Robert Fleischman provides the instrumentation.

12. Rock It (198?)
In his “The Vault” book, Gene dates this track to 1980’s, having been inspired English bands like the Fine Young Cannibals.

13. Sticky Goo (1993/1994 ?)
Is an unfinished song, where in Gene tries to combine the reggae feel with a Bob Diddley feel, which turns out to sound funky. Gene Simmons handling all of the instrumentation.

14. Love Came To Me (1977)
Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo. While the demo version circulated in fan circles (bootleg albums) for decades, the clear version on “The Vault” is a nice improvement that brings many new musical details to the surface.

15. Roar Of The Greasepaint (199?)
The demo precursor to “Journey Of 1.000 Years”, many of the elements of the of the 1998 “Psycho Circus” song are present, as are Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer on this recording.

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