GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 06  

Disk 06 - Time : 46:38  
01 Waiting For The Morning Light [2002] (3:53) Bob Dylan / Simmons
02 Is It Real [2009] (0:59) Simmons
03 Are Your Real [2011] (2:48) Simmons
04 Something Seems To Happen At Night [1982] (2:36) Adam Mitchell
05 I Believe [201?] (2:32) Simmons
06 Beautiful [2002] (3:45) Mark Addison / Nina Singh
07 Guilty Pleasures [2011] (2:53) Simmons
08 I Dream 1,000 Dreams [1998] (3:35) Simmons
09 I Am Yours #1 [1997/1998] (4:02) Simmons
10 I Am Yours #2 [1991 - 1993] (4:24) Simmons
11 Love Is Blind #1 [1977] (2:51) Simmons
12 Love Is Blind #2 [1978 ?] (4:12) Simmons
13 Whatever Turns You On [2002 ?] (3:02) Arthur David Williams / Simmons
14 Hold On [1991/1993] (2:52) Simmons
15 First Love [201?] (2:14) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 06" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; all instruments on track 05, 11, 12 and 15)

Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 03, 07)
Eric Singer (drums on track 03, 07)

BAG (Alex Chuaqui) (keyboards, keyboard bass and drum sampling on track 01)
Adam Mitchell (keyboards on track 04)
Erich Lenning (drum programming on track 05)
Mark Addison (drums, bass, keyboards, guitar and background vocals on track 06)
Nina Singh (drums, vocals, guitar and percussion track 06)
Shannon Tweed and her mother Louise Tweed (backing vocals on track 13)

Track 10 and 14 recorded with SILENT RAGE.
Track 13 music recorded by
Dave Williams and his band.

"The Vault - disk 06" recording details :

01. Waiting For The Morning Light (2002)
This is the fully realized song that resulted from Gene and Bob Dylan’s 1991 writing session. Recorded at
BAG's Living Room, Vancouver BC, Canada with BAG (real name : Alex Chuaqui) playing all the instruments on the demo. Gene recalled Bag’s input: “He basically took my demo and arranged it. There’s nothing on there, besides keyboards, keyboard bass and sampled drums”. The final version was first released April 2004 as a “3:46 pre-release-mix” on an European promo sampler EP, followed by the May 17, 2004 “3:22 Asshole album version”.

02. Is It Real (2009)
This is Gene Simmons on an acoustic guitar in his kitchen, trying to figure out chords and melody.

03. Are You Real (2011)
… and this is what the previous song became. Recorded at Conway Recording Studios Studio C, Hollywood, CA with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

04. Something Seems To Happen At Night (1982)
This AOR-ish pop song was solely recorded by Adam Mitchell (on keyboards), which he simply asked Gene Simmons to sing the lyrics to. The song itself was the first of Adam’s compositions that he ever played for Gene Simmons. Adam was willing to rewrite the track, getting Gene involved, but Gene declined stating that the demo was great in its original form.

05. I Believe (201?)
Demoed at Gene’s House (with ProTools) using the same chord pattern as “Is It Real” and “Are You Real” (see track 02 and 03 on this disk).
Gene Simmons updated the song with Engineer Erich Lenning on a ProTools setup.
Erich Lenning programmed the drum pattern while Gene was strumming the chords on an acoustic guitar. Then Gene layered the acoustic guitar, and starting layering other instruments; doubles the acoustic guitar, two tracks of electric guitar, bass and organ. So it’s Gene playing all lead guitars and singing (scatting) all the harmonies. Erich Lenning was the engineer responsible for the transfers of many of the songs appearing on “The Vault”.

06. Beautiful (2002)
Written by Nina Singh and Mark Addison from the band "Kitty Gordon" from Austin, Texas. This song was originally released as "Somebody Beautiful" on the band's 1999 debut EP "Seven." It was also included on the band's full album "Weather."
The original lyrics: "Hey, put on your fake eyelashes / wax away the old mustache / six foot four in six inch heels / a cupid tattoo behind your ear/ you're an ingenue in the full length mirror/ tight black dress and all the right moves from your long blonde tresses to your sequined shoes / you're somebody beautiful look at yourself / somebody beautiful somebody else / downtown on Saturday night they happen to catch you in the light / you'd like to dance but they want you to fight / they could never understand what it's like / to reach the age of twenty three knowing what you are you aren't supposed to be / so you spent your money on silicone honey / made up your mind for the very first time that you're / somebody beautiful look at yourself / somebody beautiful somebody else / like a Hollywood legend or a rock 'n roll star / what you're not is what you are / standing naked in the mirror's embrace you say this is my body, this is my face / somebody beautiful look at yourself / you're somebody beautiful you're somebody else."
According to Gene, "this was one of those story songs, the lyrics killed me. It had this kind of pan-sexual, 'Lola' (The Kinks) flavor to it, and also a kind of pathos. He's a poor guy, who's six foot four in his six-inch heels, a cupid tattoo behind his ear, 'spends all his money on silicone honey,' those lyrics are just classic" (GeneSimmons PR).
The track is produced by Mark Addison at The Aerie Studio, Austin, TX.
All instruments are played by Mark Addison and Nina Singh.
This (demo) version is simply Gene’s vocals over the original Kitty Gordon track which later be enhanced for use on Gene’s 2004 “
Asshole” album.

07. Guilty Pleasures (2011)
Recorded at Conway Recording Studios Studio C, Hollywood, CA with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

08. I Dream 1,000 Dreams (August 31, 1998)
According to Gene Simmons, this is the only song he ever has written that came to him fully formed. He woke up with the melody any lyrically, before even knowing what the chords would be. “Written by Gene with a more country flavor, for Shania Twain or the Dixie Chicks. According to Gene, "I demoed it and sent off a version to Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks. This is the original version which is much more of a country song (Gene Simmons PR)”. This demo is the basis for the more concise 2004 “
Asshole” album version, without elements as additional orchestra and steel guitar overdubs.

09. I Am Yours #1 (1997 / 1998)
This version sounds like and was inspired by “All The Young Dudes”, a song David Bowie wrote for Mott The Hoople. Demoed during the recording sessions for the album that would become "Psycho Circus" in 1998, but did not make it to the album.
(NOTE : In “The Vault” book the text for track 09 and 10 are swapped)

10. I Am Yours #2 (1991/1993)
This is the original demo version as demoed with Silent Rage.

11. Love Is Blind #1 (November ? 1977)
The song was written on the road in 1977 and recorded on a day off.
Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this (acoustic) demo.
This track was previously released on the 2001 KISS “Boxset”, though "The Vault" version features a slightly different arrangement.

12. Love Is Blind #2 (1977/1978 ?)
An attempt by Gene to take the original song and ‘beef’ it up with drums and a different treatment of guitars.

13. What Ever Turns You On (200?)
A song from another band that submitted a demo to Simmons Records, this recording features Gene's partner Shannon Tweed and her mother on backing vocals. According to Gene, "When I first told people on my web site, GENESIMMONS.COM to send in demos, I received close to 5,000 demos. 'Whatever Turns You On' came to me as one of those demos. It didn't have that title. I contacted Dave Williams, the lead singer of the band who wrote it. I called him, told him I was interested in the track, and changed it around a little, changed the title, it was my chorus idea and I rewrote some of the lyrics.  The musical track is Dave and his band. Singing background is Miss Shannon Tweed, and her mother, Louise and a friend of theirs" (GeneSimmons PR). Released on Gene Simmons 2004 “
Asshole” album, this is purportedly the demo of the track.

14. Hold On (1991/1993)
Demoed with SILENT RAGE with Gene Simmons on lead and backing vocals only.

15. First Love (201?)
Demoed at Gene’s House (with ProTools), the day after “I Believe” (see track 05 on this disk) with Gene playing all instruments and vocals, including a great guitar solo.

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