Don't Touch Me There

Released : June 1989
Produced by : Paul Sabu, Silent Rage and Gene Simmons
Time : 40:55

01 Runnin' On Love (3:24) Curse/Damon/Hawkins
02 I Wanna Feel It Again (3:38) Held/Greenwood/Turner
03 Tonight You're Mine (3:39) Damon/Curse/Hawkins/Sabu
04 Rebel With A Cause (3:30) Damon/Curse/Hawkins
05 Touch Me (3:50) Curse/Damon/Hawkins
06 Tear Up the Night (3:20) Hawkins/Damon/Curse
07 Shake Me Up (4:31) Hawkins/Curse/Damon
08 Don't Touch Me There (3:38) Curse/Hawkins/Damon
09 Can't Get Her Out Of My Head (3:48) Jeff Lynne
10 All Night Long (3:54) Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell
11 I'm On Fire (3:30) Damon/Hawkins/Curse

(various) released 1989 by RCA/ Simmons Records

USA     : RCA/ Simmons Records - compact disc - .......
Europe : RCA/ Simmons Records - compact disc - PD90631

Europe : Z- Records - compact disc - ZR19970 (reissue Nov. 5th, 2001)

Band line-up : 
E.J. Curse (bass)
Jesse Damon (lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars)
Mark Hawkins (lead and rhythm guitars, lead vocals, keyboards)
Brian James (drums)

Produced by Paul Sabu and Silent Rage, except;
Track 02, 06, 07; Produced by Gene Simmons and Silent Rage
Track 05; Produced by Paul Sabu and Silent Rage; vocals produced by Gene Simmons
Executive producer; Gene Simmons.
Engineers; Paul Sabu, Mikey Davis, Pat Regan.
Recorded and Mixed at Chameleon Studios, CA

"All Night Long" written by Bruce Kulick and Adam Mitchell
Band line-up features Brian James (Fox) ex-drummer of Mark St.John's White Tiger.

May 13, 2002 : Z Records released Silent Rage 3rd album "Still Alive".
SILENT RAGE The bands line up currently consists of original members EJ Curse, Jesse Damon and Mark Hawkins. The members have continued to play together over the years since their last release "Don't Touch Me There" back in 1988 for Gene Simmons label Simmons Records. 
Jesse Damon made the following statement: 
"After a long hiatus, Silent Rage is back in full force! Our new material continues where "Don't Touch Me There" left off, but with much more fury... It's always been about being on stage, and at arms distance with our fans"! This Record is something the fans have been requesting for a long time, well now it's a reality"! 
Silent Rage formed in 1985 with the three founding members, (EJ Curse, Jesse Damon and Mark Hawkins). 
In 1987, They Teamed up with Producer/Artist Paul Sabu to produce their first CD "Shattered Hearts" (Chameleon). 
In August of 1988, Gene Simmons signed them to Simmons Records, and (drummer) Brian James Fo (ex- White Tiger) joined the band soon thereafter. Paul Sabu, Pat Regan, & Mikey Davis were chose to lend their production skills on the forthcoming Silent Rage CD, along with Gene Simmons as Executive Producer. 
In 1989, they released their second CD "Don't Touch Me There" (Simmons/RCA). 
In the 90's, Silent Rage continued touring, appearing live, and songwriting collectively, as well as with other artists. 

The first four songs on Silent Rage "Still alive" disc, were produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper), and co-produced and engineered by Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon, Y&T). The rest of the songs were produced by Pat Regan and Silent Rage. 
The 2002 album also contains a song written by Diane Warren titled "Unchained".
According the CD booklet of "Still Alive" the band and their music is inspired by Gene Simmons.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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SILENT RAGE : Rebel With A Cause
Rebel With A Cause

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