GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 09 

Disk 09 - Time : 53:31  
01 It's Gonna Be Alright [1982] (4:29) Simmons / Mikel Japp
02 It's Gonna Be Alright #2 [1985 ?] (3:14) Simmons / Mikel Japp
03 Everybody Knows #1 [1988 ?] (3:54) Simmons
04 Everybody Knows #2 [.....] (3:43) Simmons
05 You're All I Want [1977] (4:05) Simmons
06 Kids With Painted Faces [2002] (3:11) Darren Leader /Simmons
07 I Wanna Rule The World [1997 ?] (5:00) Simmons
08 Wanna Rule The World #2 [1993/1994] (4:04) Simmons / Van Zen
09 Damn, I'm Good [1993/1994 ?] (3:26) Simmons
10 Dial L For Love [1987] (3:35) Simmons / Mitchell / Carr
11 Just Like The Movies #1 [1979/1980] (2:44) Simmons / Bishop
12 I Know Who You Are [1977/1978] (3:22) Simmons
13 Sweet Temptation [1979/1980] (2:45) Simmons
14 Are You Always This Hot [1987] (2:55) Simmons / Mitchell
15 Fourever [1978] (3:04) Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 09" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; all instruments on track 11, 13;
                        all instruments except for drums on track 12)

Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals on track 05)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 02, 10, 14)
Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 03)
Eric Carr (drums on track 10)
Eric Singer (drums on track 09)

Mikel Japp (guitar on track 01)
Joe X (drums on track 12)

Track 06 demoed with Darren Leader

"The Vault - disk 09" recording details :

01. It’s Gonna Be Alright (1982)
Based on a guitar lick by Mikel Japp, the song is demoed with Mitch Weissman and Mikel Japp at Mikel Japp’s kitchen. Mikel Japp met Gene Simmons for the first time at SIR Studios while the band was rehearsing material for KISS “Killers”(1982).
The song was one of the songs Gene offered to British band
HEAVY PETTIN while Gene Simmons was on location filming "Runaway". The cover and spine of this Maxell Epilaxial UDXL 90 cassette include Gene's handwriting and is dated 9-14-83. The cassette sleeve was originally the sleeve for WENDY O' WILLIAMS demos from Right Track Recording in New York.

02. It’s Gonna Be Alright #2 (1985 ?)
An updated demo with Bruce Kulick on guitar.

SMASHED GLADYS eventually recorded a version of the song titled “Give It All You Got” on their Gene Simmons involved 1985 demo.

03. Everybody Knows #1 (1988 ?)
This song was originally released on a bonus CD in the lunch box version of the audio book for Gene's book "
Sex Money KISS” and on the Japanese version of Gene's 2004 “Asshole” album. The version on The Vault is identical through the first 45 seconds, then the arrangement and lyrics change. Featuring Tommy Thayer on a 12 string guitar mimicking Ace Frehley’s intro of “Rock Bottom”.

04. Everybody Knows #2 (1991/1994 ??)
This is a grungier version of the previous demo with a different arrangement and vocal delivery. According “The Vault” book , with the grungier, Seattle-like feel, it was the first thing Gene Simmons played Bob Dylan when they sat down.

05. You’re All I Want (1977)
Previously released on the KISS 2011 “Box set”, though from a different master, this recording features a slight arrangement change. With Paul Stanley on rhythm- and lead guitar, chorus harmonies, the two demoed the song while on tour.
The song also appears on a demo compilation of Gene Simmons ideas dated 1979.
While this song ended on KISS 1980 “Unmasked” album, this 1977 demo version sounds like it would fit on Gene Simmons’ 1978 solo album.

06. Kids With Painted Faces (May 2002)
Steel Panther drummer Darren Leader wrote the basic guitar track and the song morphed from there, with Gene recycling elements of “I Am Yours” (
see disk 6, track 09 and 10) and a lyric from “Master Of Flash” (see disk 2, track 05).
The song is demoed at Darren’s house with a small recording set-up.
This was the second song Gene Simmons demoed with Darren Leader.

07. I Wanna Rule The World (1997)
Demoed during the “Psycho Circus” sessions. This composition was written with Ace Frehley in mind. According to Gene Simmons, the song was very Mott The Hoople, crossed with a John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) beat. The version on “The Vault” differs from the leaked “Psycho Circus” material in that it is clearly a different recording.

08. Rule The World #2 (1993/1994)
This heavier and grungy version is demoed during the “Carnival Of Souls” era, and features a small musical section that ended up in the final arrangement of “I Walk Alone”.

09. Damn, I’m Good (1993/1994 ?)
This funky rock song is demoed with Eric Singer on drums, while Gene Simmons handles the guitars, and bass himself.

10. Dial L For Love (1987)
Demoed with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick during the Crazy Night sessions with Gene Simmons on vocals. The demo on “The Vault” sounds huge compared to the rough demo which was released in 2011 on Eric Carr’s “
Unfinished Business” album, which did not include any completed vocals.

11. Just Like The Movies #1 (1979 / 1980)
After meeting solo artist Stephen Bishop, via Cher, the two decided to try and write a song together, resulting to an odd semi-disco song. Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo. For the drums Gene used “Drumdrops” (which actually were music cassettes you could buy where drummers would play different feels for two or three minutes, some with Latin beats, some with Rock beats). The song shares a break section that is very similar musically to the one used on KISS “She’s So European” (“Unmasked” 1980 album)

12. I Know Who You Are (1977/1978?)
Recorded at The Electric Lady Studios, New York City, with Joe X from Starz on drums with Gene Simmons handling the rest of the instrumentation (including piano) himself.
The basic chards and melody of this demo later became “Living In Sin” on Gene Simmons 1978 solo album.

13. Sweet Temptation (1979/1980)
Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo, with the addition of a drum machine. Verse and break melody elements of this demo would be recycled by Bob Ezrin for 1981’s “The Elder” version of “Only You”.

14. Are You Always This Hot (1987)
This up-tempo rocker, featuring Bruce Kulick on guitars, is the 12th-song recorded for the “Crazy Nights” album. The song title was originally used by Adam Mitchell for a solo composition used in "The World According to Garp" theatrical movie release in 1982.
By the time Gene Simmons was working on material for the 1987 album, he decided that he liked Adam’s title and suggested that the two write a new song using it.

15. Fourever (1978)
This song is recorded around the same time as “Bad Bad Lovin’ ” (
see disk 8, track 11).
This demo version with saxophones and female backing vocals circulated in fan circles (bootleg albums) for decades. Unlike the circulating demo a 10 second drum intro has been removed as have roughly 20 seconds of the ending repetition of the chorus.

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