GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons - The Vault 1966 - 2016 - Disk 05   

Disk 05 - Time : 60:05  
01 See You Tonite [demo 1975 ?] (2:29) Simmons
02 You're My Reason #2 [1976] (3:23) Simmons
03 Always Near You [demo 197?] (2:57) Simmons
04 One More Chance [1976] (3:12) Simmons
05 Now That You're Gone #2 (Synth) [2000] (3:38) Simmons / Bob Kulick
06 You're My Reason For Living (Synth) [1991] (4:17) Simmons
07 Dreamer [1976] (3:02) Simmons
08 Na, Na, Na, Na [1991] (2:47) Bob Dylan / Simmons
09 Mr. Make Believe [demo 1977] (2:27) Simmons
10 Now That You're Gone #3 [1988] (3:52) Simmons / Bob Kulick
11 Now That You're Gone #1 [1977] (2:47) Simmons / Bob Kulick
12 You're My Reason For Living (4 Track) [1980] (3:43) Simmons
13 We Are One [1991 - 1993] (3:03) Simmons
14 Everybody Wants Somebody [1991] (2:40) Bob Dylan / Simmons
15 Bob Dylan Writing Session [1991] (15:48) Bob Dylan / Simmons

musicians on "The Vault - disk 05" :
Gene Simmons (bass and vocals; 12 string guitar on track 07;
                        all instruments on track 02, 03, 04, 09, 12)

Tommy Thayer (guitar on track 10; acoustic guitar on track 14)
Bob Kulick (guitars on track 11)

Kevin Valentine (drums on track 10)
Jeff Diehl (keyboards and drum programming on track 05)
Nancy Parkinson (background vocals on track 03)

Track 06 and 13 recorded with SILENT RAGE.
Track 15 writing and recordings session with Bob Dylan.

"The Vault - disk 05" recording details :

01. See You Tonite (1975 ?)
A crystal clear demo version of the Beatles inspired tune that circulated for many years. The song was written prior to Wicked Lester at Steve Coronel’s grandfathers house …

02. You’re My Reason #2 (1976)
This is the original version of the song.
Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments (incl. piano) on this acoustic flavored demo.

03. Always Near You (197?)
Just keyboards, guitar and vocals on this track. The instruments were all played by Gene Simmons with Nancy Parkinson (who used to work at Playboy) on backing vocals.

04. One More Chance (197?)
An earlier demo version (already containing the verses) of the song “Mr. Make Believe” (see track 09 on this disk), which ended on Gene Simmons 1978 solo album.
Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo.

05. Now That Your Gone #2 Synth (2000)
Originally written in 1977 by Gene and Bob Kulick (see track 11 on this disk). Parts of the song would be updated while Gene was recording the song. The song's bridge came to Gene when he was working on overdubs in the studio. His father had passed away two years earlier, and the lyrics deal with his feelings towards his father's passing" (KISS Kollector). According to Gene, "Singing on that song is my daughter, Sophie and two of her friends from school. I wanted kids to be singing on the chorus, it's kinda like Pink Floyd did on The Wall album. I played bass on it. Jeff Diehl, a guy from Indiana, did the rest. He sent me a tape of what Garth Brooks or the Beatles would sound like doing KISS songs. I heard this, loved it, asked if he wanted to try a track. By phone I told him how I wanted it to sound. Think of it as I'm Houston and there's a lot of satellites orbiting and I had to keep track of all of them. This record was put together in a very bizarre way with a lot of different people, and tracks being cut in a lot of different places with different musicians" (Gene Simmons PR).
This is just a keyboard and drum machine demo version with Jeff Diehl to make the 1977 demoed song (see track 11 on this disk) sounding more pop, which new version ended up on Gene Simmons 2004 “
Asshole” album.

06. You’re My Reason For Living Synth (1991/1993)
An updated version of the 1976 song (see track 02 on this disk), recorded with the members of
SILENT RAGE at the Chameleon Recording Studios, San Fernando, CA.
A different demo version of the song which first was released in 2003 on Gene Simmons “
Sex Money Kiss” audio lunchbox disk and the Japanese “Asshole” release. The Synth version has a slightly different arrangement. Silent Rage’s Jesse Damon released a stripped back version of the song on his 2004 album “Nothin’ Else Matters”…

07. Dreamer (1976)
A ‘new’ demo based on two separate Gene Simmons compositions; “When I Awoke” (of the
1970 publishing demo) and “Something Of A Dreamer”, recycling various ideas into a new piece while writing with a 12-string guitar.

08. Na, Na, Na, Na (1991)
A variation on chords that Gene Simmons and Bob Dylan came up with during their writing sessions at the Cherokee Studios. The demo with scat vocals is the beginning of an idea that would ultimately become “Waiting For The Morning Light” (see
disk 6, track 01) on Gene Simmons 2004 “Asshole” album. It is unclear if Bob Dylan plays on this demo.

09. Mr. Make Believe (early 1977)
Demoed at a primitive 4 track studio in a very seed part of Detroit on a day off while on tour. The demo provided the basic music of the earlier demo of “One More Chance” (see track 04 on this disk). Again, Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments on this demo.

10. Now That Your Gone #3 (1988)
A heavier reinterpretation of the 70’s song (see this disk track 11), Recorded at the Fortress Studio, Los Angeles, CA prior the “Hot In The Shade” recording sessions, with Kevin Valentine on drums and Tommy Thayer on guitars. Engineered by Pat Regan.

11. Now That Your Gone #1 (1977)
Based on the structure of David Bowie / Mott The Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes” with Bob Kulick on guitar. Parts of the song would be updated (see track 05 on this disk) while Gene Simmons was recording it for his 2004 “
Asshole” album.

12. You’re My Reason For Living 4-track (1980)
Gene’s second attempt of the 1976 song (see this disk track 02).
With no drums, Gene Simmons plays all of the instruments with numerous over-dubs.

13. We Are One (1991/1993)
Demoed with
SILENT RAGE with Gene Simmons on lead and backing vocals only. The demo has the basic melody and some lyrics, but there are numerous scat vocal sections. After several rewrites the final version was released on the 1998 “Psycho Circus” album.

14. Everybody Wants Somebody (1991)
Low-fidelity demo, where the basic ideas being captured, using the chord patterns Gene had worked on with Bob Dylan (“Na Na Na Na” – see track 08 on this disk), with a slightly different melody. This demo is recorded with Tommy Thayer on acoustic guitar.
Later, both songs would be morphed together to create a song called “Waiting for the Morning Light” (see
disk 6, track 01) which ended up on Gene Simmons 2004 “Asshole” album.

15. Bob Dylan writing session (September 23, 1991)
Recorded at Gene Simmons’ house, where two legends chatting and bouncing ideas around …

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