KING KOBRA  KING KOBRA - Kollection 2CD reissue February 2010

Released : 1988
Produced by : Carmine Appice
Time : 39:23

01 Mean Street Machine (4:27) Philips/Appice/Jones
02 Take It Off (3:57) Philips/Mark Free/Appice
03 Walls Of Silence (5:24) Nortrup
04 Legends Never Die (5:03) Simmons/Micki Free/Mitchell
05 Redline (4:07) Philips/Appice/Jones
06 Burning In Her Fire (3:33) Nortrup
07 Perfect Crime (3:56) Nortrup/Edwards/Hicks/Hart
08 It's My Life (3:40) Simmons/Stanley
09 Number One (5:10) Philips/Appice

released 1988 by New Renaissance Records

USA     : Rocker/New Renaissance Records - compact disc - NRCD-26
USA     : Rocker/New Renaissance Records - music cassette - NRC-26
USA     : Rocker/New Renaissance Records - LP - NRLP-26
Europe : Music For Nations - compact disc - CDMFN 86
Europe : Music For Nations - LP - LPMFN 86

USA     : The Great American Music Company - 2CD - 230 (November 2, 2010)
Late 2010 "KING KOBRA III" is reissued together with KING KOBRA's "2001 album "Hollywood Trash" as a 2CD release entitled "Kollection".

line-up : 
Carmine Appice (drums, percussion, background vocals)
David Michael-Philips (lead-, rhythm-, acoustic-, slide- and bass guitars; background vocals)
Johny 'Boy' Edwards (lead vocals)
Jeff Northrup (lead- and rhythm guitars)
Larry Hart (bass)
guest musicians :
Peter Criss (KK Choir - background vocals on track 2)
Johny Rod (KK Choir - background vocals)
Steve Sacchi (KK Choir - background vocals)
Mark Olson (KK Choir - background vocals)
Bryson Jones (KK Choir - background vocals)
Sarah Appice (KK Choir - background vocals)
Bob Spinella (KK Choir - background vocals)
David Flynn (KK Choir - background vocals)

Produced by Carmine Appice. 
Co-Produced by David Michael-Philips and Alex Woltman.
Engineered by Alex Woltman.

Recorded at American Recording, Woodland Hills, CA; The Edge Studios, LA, CA;
Pasha Music House, Hollywood, CA; Baby-O Studios, Hollywood, CA; 
Sound City, Van Nuys, CA; Record Plant, Hollywood, CA.

With special guest Peter Criss background vocals on "Take It Off"

"It's My Life" and "Legends Never Die" also appeared on Wendy O' Williams "W.O.W." solo album.

rumor : At first Gene Simmons should produce this album, but later on Carmine Appice decided to do it himself.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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KING KOBRA : Take It Off
Take It Off

Recording Faq / History

" Legends Never Die "

also recorded by :

Wendy O. Williams (1984)

Fight (2002)

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