A Greek Tribute to KISS

Released : July 2008
Produced by : various producers
Time CD 1:
Time CD 2: 40:32 

CD 1
01  Creatures Of The Night (4:10) Delivers (Athens)
02  I Am A Legend Tonight (4:36) Luv Sux (Athens)
03  Black Diamond (5:31) Crosswinds (Athens)
04  Calling Dr. Love (3:16) Prejudice Reborn (Athens)
05  Love Gun (3:48) The Ivory Tower (Athens)
06  I Love It Loud (3:50) Roxy Bitch (Thessaloniki)
07  C'mon And Love Me (2:50) Livestock (Athens)
08  God Of Thunder (4:10) WC (Athens)
09  Gimme More (3:50) Marauder (Athens)
10  Who Wants To Be Lonely (3:48) Reverse Split (Athens)
11  Beth (2:46) Julian's Lullaby (Athens)

CD 2
01  Detroit Rock City (4:43) M/M & C. (Athens)
02  Hide Your Heart  (4:23) 4Bitten (Athens)
03  Deuce (3:02) Sinnis' Blues Band (Athens)
04  Strutter (3:13) SSIK (Athens)
05  Nothin' To Lose (3:49) Wild Machine (Athens)
06  I Was Made For Lovin' You (5:08) Gallard feat. Lonely Jove (Athens)
07  The Oath  (3:45) Metalmorfosis (Athens)
08  Tears Are Falling (4:12) Cain (Thessaloniki)
09  Psycho Circus (5:10) Spiral Zeus (Athens)
10  Forever  (3:59) Blind Shot (Athens)

coordinated and
released by Gerasimos Kavvadas / KISS Army Greece 2008

Greece : KISS Army Greece - compact disc  (1.500 copies)

Recorded March - April 2008 at IEK Domi, Anthens, Greece.

Extra NOTES :
This double CD "GREEKtures Of The Night" was also included with Greece Rock Hard Magazine issue of the 31st of July 2008 (only in Athens issues).

For order details contact Gerasimos Kavvadas at .

August 31, 2008 : 
Greektures Of The Night out of print / looking for funds.

From: KISS Related Recordings
The first printing of the Greek Tribute 2CD compilation "GREEKtures Of The Night", is (nearly) out of print. The 1.500 copies of 2CD set, financed by various Greek sponsors, was not for sale, but a free-giveaway. For example the 2CD was included with the Greece Rock Hard Magazine issue of 31st of July 2008 (only in Athens issues). 
Since the album was listed on KISS Related Recordings, the demand is growing very strong, but the initiators of this project, does not have so many discs left to give away.
For the moment general coordinator Gerasimos Kavvadas is looking for (international) sponsors to fund a second edition of "GREEKtures Of The Night". 
Perhaps a 2nd edition will have some  small changes such as an additional song e.g.

Sponsors who like to fund this project can contact G. Kavvadas at

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