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November 14 : Taylor Hawkins & Paul Stanley Join Forces
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TAYLOR HAWKINS - Kota (2016)Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has a new solo EP out titled "Kota", and on one of the songs features the vocal stylings of KISS frontman Paul Stanley. Together the two iconic rockers are featured on the song, "Bob Quit His Job."

"It's about my old neighbor," Hawkins told the O.C. Register. "At the very end of it, too, that's Paul Stanley from KISS. We took some of his live banter from KISS shows off of the Internet and stuck it in there. I asked him, like, 'Hey, I put your banter in the song to make it sound like a live KISS album or something, can I do that?' He was like, 'Hell yeah, go for it."

November 05 : ERIC CARR's related HARI KARI 1988 demo cassette and ERIC CARR's designed HARI KARI press kit on backstage auctions
From : KISS Related Recordings
HARI KARI 1988 demo tapeIn 1988 Eric Carr signed all female Trash band
HARI KARI to his company, Streetgang Productions.

Now you can start bidding for the HARI KARI 1988 demo tape as well as for the HARI KARI press kit which was designed by Eric Carr.

- HARI KARI 1988 demo.
- HARI KARI press kit.

: the info on the backstageauction website isn't fully right, so below is the info I got from Hari Kari bass-player Charisse Texeira-Palma some years ago.

During 1988 - 1989 Eric Carr managed and was the executive producer for
The first demo (1988) was recorded at the Record Plant, New York City, and was produced and engineered by Dave Spitz.

In 1989 Eric Carr  re-engineered the demo with a couple of different songs and with Charisse singing.

Eric Carr funded both of the demo's but was only available to engineer the 2nd due to touring. He also employed Mark Weiss as their photographer, and Eric created a kit to promote the band. Hari Kari was never signed to a recording contract. 

HARI KARI 1988 - 1989 demo details

October 27 : ERNEST HUMMINGBIRD app featuring TOMMY THAYER
From : Ernest Hummingbird (facebook)
We are so excited for our world premiere of Ernest Hummingbird on November 14th along with our partner, Tommy Thayer, the lead guitar player from KISS. The premiere includes a storybook app with music by Tommy Thayer and narrated by country music star Darius Rucker. More exciting details about this event to come !!

Full details at

October 14 : Sky Of Forever's album released today, ft. Bruce Kulick
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Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick appears on
SKY OF FOREVER’s debut album.
Bruce’s exquisite guitar playing can be heard on the album opener, ”Carry On”.

SKY OF FOREVER is a Helsinki-based melodic hard rock group, featuring musicians from Stratovarius and Tracedawn. Their music is influenced by 1980`s hard rock, melodic metal and the masters of film music – the orchestrations are made by Risto Kupiainen, the conductor of Helsinki City Theatre. The group is led by singer and songwriter Lauri Hannola. Their self-titled debut album is released worldwide via Mighty Music today.

“Carry On” is an uplifting and soulful tune with some 1980’s feeling to it. Sky Of Forever is able to paint the most beautiful melodies after opening the song with a speedball guitar riff. Legendary KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick makes a guest appearance on the song by playing fiery guitar solos. “We wanted to get to the heart of the song, when thinking about the possible guest artist. We were rotating some names of the best rock guitarists and finally decided to contact Bruce’s management. Bruce liked the song and decided to jump in.” “Bruce recorded his solo parts in Los Angeles with the same guitar gear he used back in the KISS days.” “It’s truly an honor to have Mr. Bruce Kulick on Carry On.”, says singer/songwriter Lauri Hannola.


Tracklist :

1. Carry On (featuring Bruce Kulick)
2. One Of These Days
3. Wild Heart
4. Tomorrow
5. Vagabond
6. Summer Rain
7. Divine
8. Sky Of Forever
9. Under Everlasting Sun

SKY OF FOREVER album details

October 4 : Bruce Kulick recording solos for SISTERS DOLL
From : Bruce Kulick (twitter)

SISTERS DOLL website :

September 16 : DAN HARTMAN feat. Vinnie Vincent Expanded Edition
From : KISS Related Recordings
An Expanded Edition of
DAN HARTMAN best-selling 1978 album "Instant Replay" is released today by Soulmusic Records. In addition to the original album, this reissue includes four bonus tracks consisting of both sides of two U.S. 12” singles.

Vinnie Cusano (Vinnie Vincent)  did 12-string rhythm and the second guitar solo on "Double-O-Love"; as well as a guitar solo and backing vocals on "Time and Space".

DAN HARTMAN - Instant Replay (Expanded Edition 2016)Tracklist :

01 Instant Replay
02 Countdown/This is It
03 Double-O-Love
04 Chocolate Box
05 Love is a Natural
06 Time and Space
Bonus tracks Expanded Edition 2016
07 Instant Replay (US 12" Single)
08 Instant Replay (Replayed) (US 12" Single)
09 This is It (US 12" Single)
10 Countdown (US 12" Single)

DAN HARTMAN - Instant Replay 1978

September 13 : MARCEESE's 3rd KISS Tribute planned for Nov. 25th
From : KISS Related Recordings
MARCEESE 's third KISS tribute album, entitled "Black Diamond", will be released November 25th, 2016 via Timezone.
Berlin based guitar/vocalist Marceese Kreuzberg has already released two interesting KISS tribute discs, "
Baby Driver" (2013) and "Have Love, Will Travel" (2015).

MARCEESE ; Black Diamond (2016) tracklist :

01. Black Diamond
02. Hard Luck Woman
03. Living In Sin
04. Calling Dr. Love
05. Let me Know
06. Speeding Back To My Baby
07. Snow Blind
08. The She Kissed Me
09. I Stole Your Love
10. Anything For My Baby
11. I'm In Need Of Love

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MARCEESE - Black Diamond (2016)

MARCEESE      November 25, 2016
Black Diamond (Kiss Tribute)


SKY OF FOREVER    Oct. 14, 2016
Sky Of Forever (Bruce Kulick)

BLACKTHORNE - Don't Kill The Thrill (2CD Expanded Edition) 2016

BLACKTHORNE          Sept 2, 2016
Don't Kill The Thrill (Bruce Kulick)

BLACKTHORNE - Afterlife (Expanded Edition 2016)

BLACKTHORNE          Sept 2, 2016
Afterlife (Expanded) (Bruce Kulick)

SEBASTIAN GAVA - Uncensored (2016)

SEBASTIAN GAVA       July, 2016
Uncensored (Bruce Kulick)

Robert Haglund - I Wanna Be Somebody (2016)

ROBERT HAGLUND       June, 2016
I Wanna Be Somebody (B. Kulick)

ACE FREHLEY : Origins Vol. 1 (2016)

ACE FREHLEY          April 15, 2016
Origins Vol. 1 (cover album)

LITA FORD - Time Capsule (2016)

LITA FORD                April 15, 2016
Time Capsule (Simmons / Kulick)

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