Oliver Schneiß Starstruck, A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter
Oliver Schneiss STARSTRUCK
A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter

Released : December, 2014
Mixed and Mastered by : "Pino"
Time : 31:40

01 Turn On The Night (2:42) Paul Stanley, Diane Warren
02 Shandi (3:15) Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia
03 Anything For My Baby (2:22) Paul Stanley
04 I Was Made For Lovin' You (3:27) Paul Stanley, V.Poncia, D. Child
05 Second To None (3:03) Paul Stanley, Andreas Carlsson
06 Wouldn't You Like To Know Me (3:16) Paul Stanley
07 Sure Know Something (4:03) Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia
08 Psycho Circus (2:29) Paul Stanley, Curtis Cuomo
09 Fanfare (0:45) Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin
10 Just A Boy (2:18) Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin
11 Hide Your Heart (4:00) Paul Stanley, D.Child, Holly Knight

Germany : independent label  - compact disc and digital download

musicians :
Oliver Schneiß : guitars

Recorded by Oliver Schneiß during summer 2014.
Mixed and Mastered by "Pino"

Extra NOTES :
From : Kiss Related Recordings
"STARSTRUCK : A Solo Guitar Tribute To Paul Stanley - The Songwriter" features 11 acoustic instrumental songs, and to my big surprise it works out very well, especially when putting the album sleeve aside while trying to guess the song. Sure, you will recognize “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and both “Music From The Elder” tracks (“Fanfare” and “Just a Boy”) immediately, but most of the other tracks surely will take about half a minute before realizing which song it is…. at the end realizing how well "Second To None" (from Paul Stanley's 2006 "Live To Win" album) is arranged musically … KRR TIP !!

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