SAGAFOO (regular release)  SAGAFOO (promo release)
Got To Foo

Released : October 31, 2008
Produced by : various producers
Time regular CD release :
Time promotional CD     : 40:18 

regular CD release
01  Reputation (3:41) Sagafoo
02  Baby Driver (3:58) Chris Davis
03  Strange Ways (2:42) The Chandelears
04  Secretly Cruel (4:44) Double Virgo
05  C'mon & Love Me (2:54) Jayjerz
06  Let Me Know  (1:22) Das Fark
07  God of Thunder (5:08) Bat Lizard Stew
08  I Can't Stop the Rain (3:44) Eucky Cheeze
09  Sure Know Something (3:43) Casaboontha
10  Strange Ways (6:30) Jim Tucker
11  You're All That I Want (3:07) Mixmaster Jason Herndon
12  Dirty Livin' (3:23) Das Fark
13  Take Me (2:54) Jayjerz
14  Rock 'n Roll All Nite (3:36) Casaboontha
15  Reputation (dub remix) (3:43) Sagafoo
bonustrack  Strange Ways (revisited) (0:19) Jim Tucker
bonustrack  Strange Ways (3:17) Jayjerz

Promotional CD (A Taste of Got To Foo - a Sagafoo Tribute to KISS)
01  Baby Driver (remix w/intro) (4:20) Chris Davis
02  Strange Ways (album version) (2:48) The Chandelears
03  Reputation (piano remix) (3:43) Sagafoo
04  Dirty Livin' (album version) (3:26) Das Fark
05  Secretly Cruel (promo CD edit) (4:49) Double Virgo
06  Take Me (album version) (2:56) Skulljam & Jayjerz
07  Shock Me (promo eq version) (3:31) Casaboontha
08  You're All That I Want (album vs) (3:15) Mixmaster Jason Herndon
09  Strange Ways (pre master version) (6:34) Jim Tucker
10  God Of Thunder/I Love It Loud (4:56) Bat Lizard Stew  (demo)

coordinated and
released by Sagafoo, 2008

USA : FOO Army - compact disc  (250 copies)
USA : FOO Army - compact disc  (promo version - 50 copies)

50 hand numbered copies of a Special 10 track advance CDr with an alternate track listing, cover, songs, mixes and remixes from the album are being sent out for review to selected Kiss Related websites!!

Only 250 copies of each will be pressed initially, and unless demand is high enough or its picked up by a label it will probably not be re-pressed.

Order details
Advance orders are now being taken.
$ 10.00 U.S. funds plus $ 5.00 shipping in USA, or 
$ 10.00 U.S. funds plus $ 8.00 shipping for rest of the world.
This is for a factory pressed CD with a professional cover. 
The disc will be shipped on Friday OCTOBER 31 2008, guaranteed or your money back!
The album can be pre ordered from sagafoo direct by paypal address: or snail mail with Western Union or International money orders to: 500 W. Mercer st. #106 Seattle, WA 98119 USA.

All proceeds will go to: Village Community Services Mt Vernon, Washington, U.S.A.
Website and mission statements here:

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