Kiss My Ankh 
Kiss My Ankh
A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent

Released : August 27, 2008
Executive Producer : A.J. Confessore
Time : 52:

01  Killer  (3:38) Double Virgo
02  I Still Love You (4:58) Gods of Fire
03  Lick It Up (4:41) Future 86
04  A Million To One (4:05) Steve Brown
05  Boyz Are Gonna Rock (5:26) Mike Weeks
06  Back on the Streets (3:58) Jazan Wild
07  That Time of Year (4:26) Sheldon Tarsha, Ryan Roxie
08  Love Kills (6:11) Vic Rivera / Kelli McCloud
09  Unholy (7:01) Curse God and Die
10  I Just Wanna (4:26) The Dead Zoo Keepers
11  Ted Poley (parody of Unholy) (3:43) C.C. Banana (with Banana 7) * 

* Track 05 : by Mike Weeks (with Andre LaBelle and T.J. Racer).
* Track 07 : by Sheldon Tarsha, Ryan Roxie, Marko Pukkila, Troy Patrick Farrell.

* Track 11 : by C.C. Banana (with Banana 7, featuring Chris Caffery)

USA : SplitScreen Entertainment - compact disc - SSE003

Executive Producer : A.J. Confessore

Extra NOTES :
KISS MY ANKH features a mixture of veteran and rising talent, united by a common passion for the source material. The tribute kicks off in grand fashion with a retro take on "Killer" by YouTube sensation DoubleVirgo, who made headlines earlier this year at KissOnline with his vintage-flavored interpretation of another overlooked Kiss nugget. Next up is a soaring rendition of "I Still Love You" by New York metal masters Gods of Fire, who add their distinct bombastic flair to the familiar ballad. This is followed by Kiss concert staple "Lick It Up," rendered with flash and finesse by the female-fronted Future 86, known for their long-running series of TV spots for media giant Cablevision. A soulful acoustic version of "A Million To One" follows by the one-man band of Steve Brown, founding Trixter guitarist and current frontman of modern rock outfit Stereo Fallout. 

The album kicks into high gear with the explosive Vinnie Vincent Invasion anthem "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" by Mike Weeks (guitarist on the most recent solo offering from original Invasion vocalist Robert Fleischman), alongside former Nitro bassist T.J. Racer and drummer Andre LaBelle, who himself played drums on Vinnie Vincent's fabled yet unreleased third album, "Guitars From Hell." "Carnival of Souls" comic book creator Jazan Wild tears it up with a raw and raspy version of "Back on the Streets," a song recorded not only by Vinnie Vincent but also demoed by Frehley's Comet and even Kiss itself. The Invasion is further represented with a new rendition of "That Time of Year," a collaboration between former Adler's Appetite vocalist Sheldon Tarsha, former Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie, former Altaria bassist Marko Pukkila and current White Lion drummer Troy Patrick Farrell. Also featured is "Love Kills," the theme song from "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4," hauntingly resurrected by Queen of the Reich vocalist Kelli McCloud and Vic Rivera of AdrianGale, Crunch and Poley/Rivera fame. 

The disc races toward the finish line with a bold and brutal death metal take on the evil Kiss classic "Unholy" by Curse God and Die, a project featuring Paul LaPlaca of the Chris Caffery solo band and Bumblefoot drummer Dennis Leeflang. The tribute comes to a dramatic close with a unique industrial/electronic interpretation of "I Just Wanna" by The Dead Zoo Keepers, featuring Kurt Monson and Dan McCafferty of the Rocklahoma-reunited Wild August with vocals by Danny Stanton, president of Coallier Entertainment and representative for such acts as Twisted Sister and Lita Ford. 

Rock & roll comic C.C. Banana, known for his outrageous interviews with rockers and other celebrities, has written a  parody exclusively for this project. The song is a comedic take on the Gene Simmons/Vinnie Vincent classic "Unholy," rewritten as a roast of Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley. Despite its humorous overtones, the track is an appropriately heavy recreation of the Kiss original, featuring a guitar solo by Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), guitars and bass by Paul LaPlaca (Zandelle, Z02, Chris Caffery solo band), drums by Dennis Leeflang (Sun Caged, Epica, Bumblefoot solo band) and background vocals by Kelli McCloud (Queen of the Reich) and Vic Rivera (AdrianGale, Crunch, Poley/Rivera). 

Below are statements from C.C. Banana and Ted Poley himself, explaining the unlikely series of events that led to the inclusion of a Ted Poley tribute song on a Vinnie Vincent tribute album.

Ted Poley: "In 1992, Danger Danger was opening for Kiss on the UK leg of the Revenge Tour. One night after our set I was backstage walking down the corridor toward our dressing room, when suddenly Paul Stanley entered from the other end! Paul has always been one of my heroes and it was a tremendous honor to be out on tour with him and Kiss. When I saw him approaching, I really wanted to say hello and introduce myself... but I got starstruck and lost my nerve! So I ended up just looking down at my shoes and walking past without saying anything. But when I got to the other end of the hallway, I heard Paul belting out my name at the top of his lungs... to the tune of their new single "Unholy!" The words and melody just fit perfectly. "Ted Poh-laaaaayyyyy!" I don't care if this sounds lame, but that was one of the greatest moments of my life!"

C.C. Banana: "Immediately after I heard Ted's story, I knew I had to write the song parody! Even though he is known for being a fairly levelheaded guy, I thought it would be funny to paint a picture of a Ted Poley whose rock star ego is completely out of control. A man whose sense of self-importance became overinflated at the peak of his fame and kept right on growing. In other words, what if Ted Poley were more like Gene Simmons, the man who sang "Unholy" in the first place? That, my friends, is the circle of life.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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