TOD HOWARTH - Comet Canvas (2022)
Comet Canvas

Released : October 2022
Produced by : Tod Howarth
Time : 00:00

01 Time Ain't Runnin' Out (4:19) Howarth
02 New Kind of Lover (3:31) Howarth
03 Fallen Angel (3:44) Howarth
04 Breakout (4:39) Frehley/ Carr/ Scarlett
05 It's Over Now (6:52) Howarth
06 Something Moved (4:03) Howarth
07 Calling To You (4:20) Howarth/Frehley/McClarty/Russell

USA    : self release - compact disc - MGJ-1540


October 2022 former Frehley’s Comet guitarist / singer / keyboardist Tod Howarth has released three albums all at once consisting of "Comet Canvas", "Heavy Canvas" and "Coastal Canvas".

"Comet Canvas" consists of a collection of Frehley’s Comet songs that Howarth wrote and/or sang for the late ’80’s band. The songs are re-recorded acoustically with Howarth playing all the instruments and handling all the vocals.

The other 2 discs are not Kiss Related.
"Heavy Canvas" is Howarth's “rock” CD out of his three Canvas solo series CDs. It was written, recorded, performed and produced by Howarth.
"Coastal Canvas" consists of a more easy listening style that emulates from many different influences, experiences and perspectives from Howarth by way of melody, piano and acoustic guitars. All of the instruments and the vocals on the songs were handled by Howarth, who also wrote, performed and recorded all of the tracks.

The three Canvas covers put together form a collage.
You can purchase the three Canvas CDs via
Tod Howarth's website.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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