ACE FREHLEY -10.000 Volts (2024)
10.000 Volts

Released : February 23, 2024
Produced by : Ace Frehley and Steve Brown
Time : 40:36

01 10.000 Volts (3:24) Brown / David / Frehley
02 Walkin' On The Moon (3:44) Brown / Frehley
03 Cosmic Heart (3:53) Brown / David / Frehley
04 Cherry Medicine (3:39)
05 Back Into My Arms Again (3:36) Arthur Stead / Frehley
06 Fightin' for Life (3:20)
07 Blinded (3:53)
08 Constantly Cute (3:38)
09 Life of a Stranger (3:57) Nadia Fares / Matthew Wilder
10 Up in the Sky (4:27)
11 Stratospherehe (3:05)

USA        : MNRK Music Group - compact disc -
USA        : MNRK Music Group - 180g glass clear, red, blue, and silver splattered vinyl LP
                                                                                                     (1730 copies)        

musicians :

Ace Frehley (lead vocals; rhythm and lead guitars; bass)
details will follow

Special Guests :
details will follow

Produced by Ace Frehley and Steve Brown.
Mixed and Mastered by Bruno Ravel.
Engineered by Ace Frehley, Steve Brown, Anton Fig, David Julian, and Alex Salzman.

The title track '10.000 Volts' is released as the first single and video on November 28, 2023.

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ACE FREHLEY - 10.000 Volts
10.000 Volts

ACE FREHLEY - Walking On The Moon
Walking On The Moon

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10.000 Volts (Spotify)


Ace Frehley (official)

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