demo 1987

Recorded : July 1987
Produced by : Dana Strum
Time : 00:00

01 Paradise (3:37) 
02 All The Way (3:32) 
03 Stay (4:33) 
04 Hand In The Fire (3:21) 
05 When You're Alone (3:57) 

Rated X is :

Mickey Foxx (drums)
Jamie Storm (bass)
Dave London (guitar)
Chris Chambers (vocals)

guest musicians
Vinnie Vincent (backing vocals)
Eric Carr (???)
Tommy Thayer (???)
Jon Bon Jovi (backing vocals)
Richie Sambora (backing vocals)
Mark Slaughter (backing vocals)
Bret Michaels (backing vocals)

Produced by Dana Strum.
Recorded at Baby 'O Recorders, Hollywood, CA,  

Extra NOTES :
Rated X was formed 1985 in South Florida. Rated X got nation wide attention as one of the first bands considered by Bon Jovi for production. The band opted to work with bassist and producer Dana Strum (Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Slaughter).
In 1987, the band flew to Hollywood, CA and recorded a demo with Dana Strum.

magazine articles :
- unknown magazine 1987

Scan below : News flash taken from Kerrang UK magazine #149 June 1987.

RATED X - Kerrang UK magazine #149 June 1987

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

All The Way (demo)
Stay (demo)
Hands In The Fire (demo)
When You're Alone (demo)


Dana Strum (official)

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