TUFF ; The History of Tuff    
The History of Tuff 

Released : 2001
Produced by : Various Producers
Time: 57:02

01  American Hair Band (Radio Edit) (4:31Ritchie/Hetfield/Ulrich/Snider/Rachelle
02  Not Telling The Truth (4:01Nolan
03  Don't Complain (3:51DeSaint/Rachelle/Carusso/Lean
04  American Man (3:49) Simmons/J. St.James/Thayer
05  I Won't Give Up (4:30Raphael/Rachelle
06  So Many Seasons (3:57Rachelle/Chase/DeSaint/Lean
07  Who The Hell Am I ? (4:17Rachelle
08  Another Man's Gun (4:20Cantor/Carusso
09  A Place Where Love Can't Go (4:26) Meagher/Rachelle/DeSaint
10  People they Change (4:04Rachelle/Lean
11  Good Guys Wear Black (4:09DeSaint/Rachelle/Chase/Lean/Croyle
12  Sinner Street (3:22DeSaint/Rachelle/Chase/Lean
13  Summertime Goodbye (3:17DeSaint/Rachelle/Chase/Lean
14  American Hair Band (Slang Edit) (4:28Ritchie/Hetfield/Ulrich/Snider/Rachelle

(CD52001) Released on RLS Records,  available at

USA : RLS Records  - compact disc - CD52001

Tuff is :
Stevie Rachelle (lead and backing vocals)
Darrell Roberts (guitars)
Brian Saunders (bass)
Tony Eckholm (drums)

guest musicians :
Gilby Clarke (guitars on track 3 and 4: background vocals)
Jorge DeSaint (guitars on track 6, 9, 11 & 12: background vocals)
Nick Nolan (guitars on track 2, background vocals)
Randy Cantor ((bass and guitar on track 8, background vocals)
Michael Raphael (guitars and bass on track 5, 7 & 10: background vocals)
Michael Raphael (keyboards on track 5 & 7)
Matt Thor (keyboards and synth on tarck 1 & 14: background vocals)
Todd Chase (bass on track 2, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13: background vocals)
Michael Lean (drums, except on track 1, 3, 4, 7 & 14: background vocals)
Mark Ricciardi (guitars on track 2)
Darrell Roberts (guitars on track 1 & 14)
Johnny Griparic (bass on track 3 & 4)
Tommy Henrickson (bass on  track 9)
Brian Saunders (bass on track 1 & 14)
Brian "Dogboy" Burwells (drums on track 1, 7 & 14)
Brian Tischy (drums on track 3 & 4)
John Stephens (keyboards on track 6)

Christopher Cardenas (background vocals)
Todd Chase (background vocals)

Executive Producers: Tuff & Stevie Rachelle 
Co-Produced By: Randy Cantor, Gilby Clarke, Warren Croyle, Jesse Harms, Todd Meagher, 
Nick Nolan, Mike Raphael & Matt Thor.

Track 1 & 14,  - 2001 - (Ritchie, Hetfield, Ulrich, Snider) - 
New lyrics & arrangement by Stevie Rachelle. Produced by: Matt Thor

Track 2, 3, 5: From the RLS Records release, 2000, STEVIE RACHELLE: Since Sixty-Six
Track 2 Produced by Nick Nolan.
Track 3 Produced by Gilby Clarke
Track 5 Produced by Mike Raphael

Track 4 Produced by Gilby Clarke

Track 6 & 7: From the RLS Records release, 1998 , STEVIE RACHELLE: Who The Hell Am I?
Produced By: Mike Raphael

Track 8, 9, 10: From the RLS Records release, 1994, TUFF: Regurgitation
Track 8 Produced by  Randy Cantor
Track 9 Produced by Todd Meagher
Track 10 Produced by Mike Raphael 

Track 11, 12, 13 From the RLS Records release, 1989, TUFF: Decade of Disrespect
Tracks 11 & 12 Produced byWarren Croyle
Track 13 Produced by Jesse Harms

- - - - - -

The History of TUFF is a compilation of some of the greatest songs ever written, collaborated on, performed by and recorded by Tuff and/or Stevie Rachelle. 
This TUFF CD also includes "American Hair Band". This is the very first recording with the new TUFF line up and was produced by Matt Thor (Rough Cutt/ Jailhouse). 
Just like Tuff's 1991 song "The All New Generation",  "American Hair Band" salutes all the great hard rock bands by name and song titles including KISS! 

Ironically another track with America in mind is "American Man". This tune was first hand delivered to Stevie & TUFF by none other than the God of Thunder himself, Gene Simmons (KISS). Originally it was meant to be recorded and included on the follow up to "What comes around...Goes around" but somehow got lost in the shuffle.
In 2000 "American Man" appeared on the SHAMELESS "Queen For A Day" album, featuring Stevie Rachelle on lead vocals.

There are also several celebrity musical guests on The History of TUFF. A few tracks were produced by and guitars supplied by Gilby Clarke (Ex. Gn'R). Michael Raphael also produced and performed with members of his modern pop group NEVE. Randy Cantor lends his skills on "Another Man's Gun". He has most recently linked his name with the credit as arranger on Ricky Martin's global smash hit "Livin' La Vida Loca". In the mid 90's Cantor also produced the TUFF release "Religious Fix". Jesse Harms (David Lee Roth Band/Sammy Hagar) was behind the console with TUFF as far back as January 1988. That session was one of the first for the group TUFF and "Summertime Goodbye" still screams with hooks. The History of Tuff has 13 tracks in all spanning over a dozen years. 

These songs were all originally recorded and released by Tuff and/or Stevie Rachelle.
Some of these songs were originally written with Tuff, played live with Tuff but later recorded and released by Stevie Rachelle on his two different solo CDs.
All of these songs are from the RLS Records catalog.

Unfortunately due to contractual stipulations RLS Records is not legally able to include any of the originally recorded tracks from Tuff "What comes around...goes around" c 1991 Atlantic/Titanium Records or Tuff "Religious Fix" c 1995 BMG/MMS/Mausoleum records. 
Both of these CDs without a doubt display more of the great work that Tuff has created.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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Recording Faq / History 

American Man (song)

also recorded by Shameless


TUFF (official)

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