The Rockheads EP

Original Recording : 1986 - 1989
Released : 1999
Produced by : Bruce Kulick 
Time : 16:

01 Too Cool For School (1988) (3:59) Carr / Kulick/ Mitchell
02 Tiara (1987) (4:26) Carr / Kulick/ Mitchell
03 Can You Feel It (4:02) Carr / Kulick/ Mitchell
04 Nasty Boys (3:27) Carr / Kulick/ Mitchell / Daniels

released 1999 by Rock Hard Records

USA : Rock Hard Records - 4-trackcompact disc EP (Limited to 5000 copies.)

musicians :
Eric Carr (lead vocals, drums, guitars, bass, keyboards)
Bruce Kulick (lead-guitar)
Adam Mitchell (keyboards)

Produced by Bruce Kulick, Co-Produced by Eric Carr and Adam Mitchell.
Mixed by Bruce Kulick.
Mastered by Don C. Tyler at Precious Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded between 1986 - 1989

Comments by Bruce Kulick (1999) :

Too Cool For School ; This first song, created for Eric's cartoon-show band "The Rockheads", shows their attitude and Eric's alter ego coming through in the lyrics. Deals with school yard rejection and, of course, trying to be cool ! Eric had no problem being cool.

Tiara ; Beautiful love song written by Eric on keyboards. He played the keys to a drum machine loopwith reverb that makes a hypnotic effect. Eric sings his heart out and the girls that got to know him remember what a romantic man he could be.

Can You Feel It ; A rocker that Eric waits on. We would have loved Bryan Adams to cover the song! Eric programmed the drums and played bass. I played the guitars.

Nasty Boys ; Very defining song for The Rockheads showing their rebellious nature...... Eric's on drums and bass and I covered the guitars. Lots of fun to record and we would have loved to play this one live.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Adam Mitchell (KISSfaq 2010)


Eric Carr (official)

Bruce Kulick (official)

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