Faith Circus

Released : September 20, 2008
Produced by : Ty Sims and Marc Farrano
Time : 48:

01 Back On Love (4:18) Marc Farrano
02 Can You Feel It (4:19) Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell
03 Hold On (4:04) Marc Farrano
04 Alive 'n Kicken (4:17) Marc Farrano
05 Temporary High (4:12) Marc Farrano
06 Rain On You (4:10) Marc Farrano
07 Tried And True (5:06) Marc Farrano
08 Half The Man (4:12) Marc Farrano
09 Pushing Up Daisies (4:26) Marc Farrano
10 Without Me (4:26) Marc Farrano
11 Wasted Rainbow (5:02) Marc Farrano

(KR037) released 2008 by Kivel Records

USA     : Kivel Records - compact disc - KR037

Band line-up :
Marc Farrano (lead and background vocals)
Marius Mørch (guitar, background vocals; bass on track 05)
Lasse Koester (bass, background vocals)
Baard Nordvik (drums, background vocals) 

guest musicians :
Frank Robert Fauskanger (bass on all tracks, except track 02, 04, 05, 07)
Frode Sæthre (bass slide on track 02)
Lasse Koester (bass on track 04)
Morty Black (bass on track 07)
Tore Moren (guitar on track 07)
Steinar Hagen (acoustic guitar on track 07) 
Dag Stokke (keyboards on track 07)
Thomas "TomTom" Haugland (percussion, except track 07; keyboards on track 04)
Tore Risa (keyboards on all tracks, except track 07)

Steinar Krokstad (drums and percussion on track 07)
Tony Harnell (background vocals on track 07)
Myrna Braza (background vocals)
Marthe Marøy (additional background vocals on track 04)

"The Rowdy Bunch" on "Can You Feel It": Trond Foss, Ole Færøvik, Endre Storm, Marius Mørch, Baard Nordvik, Lasse Koester, Tore Risa, Myrna Braza, Atle Tvedt, Tom Tom & Marc Farrano.

Produced by: Ty Sims and Marc Farrano 
Executive Producer: John Kivel.
Mixed & Mastered at The Recovery Room, Arkansas, by Ty Sims.
Drums recorded at Ravnaberg Studio, Sotra.
Engineered by: Eirik Grønner, Trond Foss & Tor-Andrè Jensen Skaar.
All bass, guitars, keys, percussion (except on "Tried ..n true") & vocals recorded at: TomTom Studio, Bergen.
Engineered by: Thomas "TomTom" Haugland.
All percussion (except on "Tried ..n true") recorded by Thomas "TomTom" Haugland.

additional notes
FAITH CIRCUS do a bang up job on the Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell penned "Can You Feel It". Until now, only released in demo form on the fox's "
Rockology" disc.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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FAITH CIRCUS - Can You Feel It (mp3 album)


Faith Circus (official)

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