Music from The FAQ
Music From The FAQ
MP3 Tribute To KISS
(free download)

Free download : May 5, 2008
Time : 90:44

01 Uh! All Night (4:07) Beeblesaurus Sydney, Australia 
02 1978 (Kiss me) (2:43) G Shaller East Bay, CA
03 Dirty Sugar (6:55) Coal Bin Bros. Parts Unknown, PA
04 Love Her All I Can (2:39) MÔkel Black Brisbane, Australia
05 Reason to Live (4:23) Mr. Blackwell Houston, TX
06 Ladies in Waiting (3:47) Dressed to Kiss Asheville, NC
07 Tomorrow (3:21) Necronomicon Chicago, IL
08 Strangeways (3:09) Yahoo & The Beaters Visalia/Palmdale,CA
09 Detroit Rock City (3:34) Iris San Antonio, TX
10 Shock Me (4:04) Moor Cowbell Ambler, PA
11 What's On Your Mind (4:24) Beeblesaurus Sydney, Australia
12 Shandi (3:08) LoveGun07 Virginia
13 Mr. Speed (3:39) Evo999 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada 
14 Hard Luck Woman (4:15) 2000 Man Burlington, IN
15 Don't You Let Me Down (2:51) Lespaul Hammerfest, Norway 
16 Christine Sixteen (3:25) Dressed to Kiss Asheville, NC
17 Mr. Make Believe (4:30) Romanovich Crown Point, IN
18 Nightmare (Eric Carr) (5:06) Cosmicblues Southern Indiana
19 War Machine (3:36) Yahoo & The Beaters Visalia/Palmdale,CA
20 Rip It Out (3:41) Evo999 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
21 Lick It Up (4:09) Ypke Groningen, The Netherlands
22 Love Gun (4:12) LoveGun07 Virginia
23 I Can't Stop the Rain (5:06) 2000 Man Burlington, IN


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Produced by the members of KISSFAQ

Realized and assembled by Matt Walters (necronomicon) with assistance from Graeme Hill (Journey of 1000 Beers) and Nately Van Helsing (Nately120).

Music from The FAQ - About the Project (May 2008) is a fantastic comprehensive resource for the entire history of KISS including band member information, discography, chart history, live performances, archives and much more. In addition, the Web site houses the KissFAQ fan forum where hundreds (thousands?) of KISS fans from across the globe gather to discuss all matters relating to their favorite band.

A few months ago, we came to the realization that many of the members of the forum were also musicians themselves. Subsequently, a few of us conceptualized an idea for a KISS Faq tribute CD and posted a thread to gauge forum interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we began receiving many submissions. In keeping with the supportive spirit embodying the project, every single contribution was accepted to be included on the CD.

With participants having retreated to their respective home studios to polish their tracks, the compilation was completed and assembled on May 5th 2008.

Music From The Faq contains 23 tracks of creative and unique self-produced KISS covers spanning all different eras of the band. While the songs were not produced with the benefit of a big-budget recording studio, the creativity, quality of the material and unique performances shine nonetheless. Response from the KissFaq community has been extremely supportive ó we can sincerely say this is one of the most original and best KISS compilations we have ever heard!

We feel this project is a testament to the passion and positive thread binding the KISS community. And, lest we forget, it is another testament to our love for the most important element of KISS: the music.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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