KISS Cover To Cover
(a semi tribute to KISS)

Released : April 5, 2005
Produced by : various producers
Time : 31:46

01 Kissiní Time (3:06) Nightmare
02 Then She Kissed Me (4:32) Jon Rubin
03 Any Way You Want It (2:36) Picture 21
04 Tossiní and Turniní (3:33) Marc Zouhar
05 New York Groove (2:37) Great Jones
06 When You Wish Upon a Star (1:39) Syntax Error
07 2000 Man (5:16) Captain T & Ostronomy
08 God Gave Rock n' Roll to You III * (5:20) V.O.G.
09 Do You Remember Rock ní Roll Radio (3:07) SLACK

released 2005 by Lunar Moth Entertainment /

USA : Lunar Moth Entertainment - compact disc - unnumbered

" KISS Cover to Cover " celebrates the songs that Kiss themselves chose to cover during their career. This tribute album spotlights songs originally recorded by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Bobby Lewis, and Argent. These classics were then updated by Kiss, and are now being given a third dimension by today's up and coming artists. Performers include VH1/MTV regulars Captain T & Ostronomy, intergalactic saviors SLACK, digital maestro Marc Zouhar, singer/songwriter Jon Rubin, and more! 

In addition to the musical content on " KISS Cover to Cover ", the CD also contains computer accessible bonus features.
On the enhanced content of the "KISS Cover to Cover" disc, each song has its own page featuring info on the artist performing on the CD, as well as info on the KISS and original versions. The disc also features information about the cover design, as well as a message from the producer.

* V.O.G.'s version of "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" doesn't sound similar to Argent's (original version) or the version Kiss covered, which made people think that the wrong track was added to the disc.
Mr. R.E.Asbury from Lunar Moth Entertainment replied in an email :
"It's the correct track for the CD. We took submissions from various bands around the US. We were looking for interesting versions of the songs, as well as interesting views on the concept of the project. V.O.G. wasintrigued by the idea that KISS had changed the lyrics to the Argent version of the song, and added the "II" to the title. 
Taking the spirit of the song and the idea of numbered titles, V.O.G. re-structured the song entirely and added "III". 
The V.O.G. version of the song is in effect a "sequel" to the previous versions.
Hope thats answers your question!!

R.E. Asbury
Lunar Moth Entertainment/"

(Thanks to Rainer Janssen, Germany)

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