BUFFALO ROCK CITY - Western New York's Tribute To KISS  (2020)
Western New York's Tribute To KISS

Released : December 15, 2020
Produced by : John Jeffrey & Joseph Teresi
Time :

01  I've Had Enough (Into the Fire) (3:51) Various artists
02  Back On The Streets (4:46) Various artists
03  New York Groove 78/80 (2:54) Tommy Henriksen & Tommy Denander
04  It's My Life (3:58) feat. Jeremy Asbrock
05  Hard Times (3:34) feat. Philip Shouse
06  Dirty Livin' (4:21) feat. Ryan Spencer Cook & Philip Shouse
07  Street Giveth and the ... (3:43) Various artists
08  Jungle (6:45) DoDriver
09  Hard Luck Woman (3:41) feat. Robby Takac
10  Black Diamond (3:50) Bumblefoot & Deen Castronovo
11  Detroit Rock City (3:52) KISS THIS!
12  Freak (3:33) Various artists
13  While the City City Sleeps (3:42) feat. Mitch Weissman

USA : compact disc available at Bandcamp.com .
USA : digital album available at Bandcamp.com .
USA : vinyl LP album available at Bandcamp.com (release date July 1, 2021 - ltd 200 copies)

musicians :
Tommy Henriksen (lead vocals, bass, drum programming on track 03)
Ryan Spencer Cook (lead vocals on track 06)
Robby Takac (lead vocals on track 09)
Deen Castronovo (lead vocals on track 10)
Mitch Weissman (lead vocals on track 13)
Tommy Denander (guitar on track 03)
Jeremy Asbrock (guitar on track 04)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (guitar on track 10)
Philip Shouse (bass on track 05; guitar on track 06)

Jody Velleta (lead vocals on track 01; backing vocals on track 06, 13)
Nat Peace (lead vocals on track 02)
Jaine Evile (lead vocals on track 04)
Taylor Stursa (lead vocals on track 04, 07; bass on track 07, 09, 10, 12)
Casey Moyer (lead vocals on track 12)

John Jeffrey
(lead vocals and guitar on track 05;  additional guitar on track 08, 10, 12; acoustic guitar on track 09; backing vocals on track 07; additional vocals on track 04)

Gene Schmidt (guitars on track 01, 02, 13; additional guitar on track 07, 12)
Stephen Mattucci (
guitars on track 07)
Tommy Barnes (
acoustic guitar on track 09)
Joseph Teresi (guitars on track 12';
additional guitar on track 06, 07)

Brad Peace (bass on track 02)
Taylor Stursa (bass on track 04, 06, 10)
Rock Rollain (bass on track 01, 13)

Shawn Pazybylak (drums on track 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 13)
Julius Giambelluca (drums on track 03, 10)
Brad Heath (drums on track 12)
Tony Chimera (additional percussion on track 08)

Alice Heveran (backing vocals on track 10)
Jay Palermo (keyboards on track 12)

track 08 by DoDriver
(DoDriver are Mark Conlon, Jody Velleta, Chris Elardo, Michael Trabucco)

track 11 by KISS This ! 
(Western New York KISS tribute band)
(KISS This ! are John Jeffrey,
Taylor Stursa, Kevin Blakita, Julius Giambelluca)

Produced by : John Jeffrey & Joseph Teresi.
Associate producers: Jody Velletta, Shawn Przybylak & Gene Schmidt.
Engineered by Doug White, Gene Schmidt, Joseph Teresi, Brad Lauchert, Bob Ridgley,
                     Eric Rovner, Kyle Castronovo and Paul Taylor.
Mixed by: Brad Lauchert
Mastered by: Jay Messina

Extra NOTES :
All of the drums and bed tracks were recorded at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY (engineered by Doug White) on January 23, 2020. The rest of the tracks were recorded locally and remotely - from all across the world - all building upon the same sonic foundation, to ensure "Buffalo Rock City" sounded like a complete "album" of work.

The album also features several professional, pro circuit, National and Worldwide musicians, who donated tracks to the record as well. Contributions were made by Robby Takac (vocals), Tommy Henriksen (vocals/bass), Tommy Denander (guitar), Deen Castronovo (vocals), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (guitar), Philip Shouse (bass/guitar), Jeremy Asbrock (guitar), Ryan Spencer Cook (vocals) & Mitch Weissman (vocals).

Mitch Weissman's lead vocals in his “While The City Sleeps” marks a significant note in "KISStory." His song originally appeared on KISS' 1984 release, Animalize. This is the first time a KISS co-writer re-recorded a new studio version of a KISS song that he wrote with the band!

Another legend in KISS recording lore is Jay Messina. Messina, who mastered Buffalo Rock City, has been working with KISS since 1976, engineering and mixing the band's breakout album Destroyer. He engineered and mixed 1979’s Dynasty and co-mixed the next album, Unmasked (1980).

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New York's Tribute To KISS

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