December 1979 - June 1980

FLASHER played live during : first half of 1980

Songs performed live by FLASHER includes :
01 A Lot On My Head * The Cars cover
02 Frustrated * The Knack cover
03 Let's Go * The Cars cover
04 Baby Talk Dirty  
05 Beautiful Girls  
06 Honky Tonk Woman Rolling Stones cover
07 Brown Sugar Rolling Stones cover
08 Saturday Night  
09 Beatin' Around The Bush AC/DC cover
10 Roadhouse Blues  
11 Love Me Two Times  
12 I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones cover
13 Running With The Devil Van Halen cover
14 You Really Got Me The Kinks / Van Halen cover
15 Good Night, Next To You Cheap Trick cover
16 Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio Ramones cover
17 Chinese Rocks Ramones cover
18 Rockaway Beach Ramones cover
19 Do You Wanna Dance Ramones cover
20 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker Ramones cover
21 Rock and Roll Highschool Ramones cover
22 Candy O  
23 Just What I Needed  
24 It's Alright For You  
25 Truth Hits Everybody  
26 Refugee Tommy Petty cover
27 London Calling The Clash cover

* Check out videos of Flasher, performing "A Lot on My Head," "Frustrated" (with Eric
   Carr's lead vocals) and "Let's Go" which were all filmed early 1980
clicking here.

Band-line up :
Eric Carr - a.k.a. Paul Caravello (drums and vocals)
Art Laindauer (guitars and vocals)
Mike Filippone (bass and vocals)
Paul Turino (keyboards until March 1980)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Art Lindauer (KISSfaq 2011)


Art Lindauer (official)

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