101.5 WPDH-FM Poughkeepsie
101.5 WPDH-FM Poughkeepsie - charity song
Make A Difference

Recorded : December 11-17, 1989 for Poughkeepsie's 101.5 WPDH-FM
Produced by : Paul Orofino & Anthony Miceli
Time : 04:1

01 Make A Difference (5:48) Tony Miceli

unreleased ????

musicians (in order) :
Benny Mardones (vocals)
Darlene Love (vocals)
Lisa Molella (vocals)
Daryl Hall (vocals)
Randy Jackson (guitar / vocals)
Joe Bouchard (bass / vocals)
Bobby Messano (lead guitar 1st solo)
Mark Hitt (lead guitar 2nd solo)
Tony Miceli (bridge-vocals / piano / synths / percussion)
Frank Carillo (guitars /vocals)
Annie Golden (vocals)
Ann Miceli Teed (vocals)
Phil Butta (harmonica)
Frank Ingrano (guitar)
Nick Mancusso (percussion)
John Hall (vocals)
Sal Giorgiani (sax)
Eric Carr (drums)
John Regan (bass)
John Sebastian
Richie Scarlet (guitar)
Vito Petroccitto (guitars)
Lisa Fairbanks
Professor Ed (vocals)
and others comprising the 62 person chorus!

Produced by Paul Orofino & Anthony Miceli.
Engineered by Paul Orofino & Griff. Consulting Engineer Eddie Kramer.

Written by Tony Miceli the week before recording.
Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, New York December 11-17, 1989 for Poughkeepsie's 101.5 WPDH-FM.
The all-star chorus was recorded on the final day.

This song was an all-star charity effort to raise awareness of hunger in the Hudson Valley area and to promote efforts for a canned food drive.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

Make A Difference (YouTube)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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