LORDI - Babez For Breakfast
Babez For Breakfast

Released : September 14, 2010
Produced by : Michael Wagener
Time : 48:

01  SCG5: It's A Boy! (1:21) Mr.Lordi / Lordi
02  Babez For Breakfast (3:29) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi
03  This Is Heavy Metal (2:59) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi
04  Rock Police  (3:57) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi
05  Discoevil (3:49) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi
06  Call Off The Wedding (3:31) Rubolino / Kulick / Lordi
07  I Am Bigger Than You (3:04) Mr.Amen / T.Lipp / Lordi
08  ZombieRawkMachine (3:42) Mr.Amen / Mr.Lordi / Lordi
09  Midnite Lover (3:20) Mr.Amen / T.Lipp / Lordi
10  Give Your Life For Rock And Roll  (3:54) Ox / Awa / T.Lipp / Lordi
11  Nonstop Nite (3:56) Mr.Amen / T.Lipp / Lordi
12  Amen's Lament To Ra (0:32) Mr.Amen
13  Loud And Loaded (3:15) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi
14  Granny's Gone Crazy (3:55) Ox / Mr.Lordi / Lordi
15  Devil's Lullaby (3:42) Mr.Lordi / T.Lipp / Lordi


USA     : The End Records ‎ TE170-2 - compact disc - TE170-2  (September 14, 2010)
Finland : Sony / RCA - compact disc - 88697728322 (September 15, 2010)
Japan  : Sony / BMG Music Entertainment - compact disc - SICP 2887 (October 27, 2010)

Lordi is :
Awa (keyboards)
Amen (guitar)
Lordi (vocals)
Kita (drums, backing vocals)
Ox (bass)

additional guest musicians :
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 06)

Voices on "Granny;s Gone Crazy" : Mark Slaughter, Ainsley and Gracyn Billings.
The Officer on the "Rock Police" Clay Vann.
Voices on "SCG5": Goldy Locks, Ralph Ruiz, Tracy Lipp.
Speech on "Give Your Life For Rock And Roll" : Tracy Lipp.

Backing vocals by Clay Vann, Sarge, Tracy Lipp, Bryan 'Lionman'Blumer, Amen, Kita and Lordi.

Female vocals on "Give Your Life For Rock And Roll" : Julie Westake, Marija S.


Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Michael Wagener.
Recorded in early 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Additional Recording at Lordi's Lair, Helsinki, Finland.
Mastered by Eric Conn and Don Cobb at Independent Mastering.

"Call Off The Wedding" was written with Jeremy Rubolino and Bruce Kulick over a five-day period that Mr. Lordi spent in Hollywood, California.
Strings arranged and conducted by Jeremy Rubolino.
String Orchestra recorded at Stagg Street Studio by Jorge Velasco.
Guitar riffs were recorded in Los Angeles, April 2010.

Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER) is a special guest on "Granny's Gone Crazy".

more details will follow

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