GOOD RATS ; Blue Collar Rats (The Lost Archives)
Blue Collar Rats (The Lost Archives)

Released : April 24, 2012
Produced by : various producers
Time : 68:

01 Boom Boom (3:34) P.Marchello
02 Downtown USA (2:41) P.Marchello
03 Lost in the Lights (2:34) P.Marchello
04 Street Mutts (3:50) P.Marchello
05 Money in the Bank (4:10) P.Marchello
06 Livin' For Number One (3:37) P.Marchello
07 Here s To You Rock and Roll (live) (5:33) P.Marchello
08 Satan s Choir (3:10) P.Marchello
09 She s Magic (4:00) P.Marchello
10 You ll Never Get It (2:21) P.Marchello
11 Nightmare (3:53) P.Marchello
12 Soldiers of the Avenue (3:23) P.Marchello
13 You (1:52) P.Marchello
14 Young Girls Never Tell (3:10) P.Marchello
15 Energy (3:39) P.Marchello
16 X - 19 (3:44) P.Marchello
17 Sing (3:16) P.Marchello
18 Tight Pants (3:45) P.Marchello
19 Winners Never Lose (2:44) P.Marchello
20  That Ain t Right (3:43) P.Marchello

(GRR0011) released 2012 by Uncle Rat Music

USA : Uncle Rat Music - compact disc - GRR0011

Band line up 2012:
Peppi Marchello  (lead vocals)
Dan Ratchford (guitar)
Stefan Marchello (bass)
Dan "The Man" Smiraglia (keyboards)
Mike Brenna (drums) (??)

musicians track 02 - 20 (a.k.a "The Players") :
Peppi Marchello (lead vocals)
Bruce Kulick (guitar)
Mickey Marchello (guitar)
Gene Marchello (guitar)
John Gatto (guitar)
George Tebbit (guitar)
Dan Ratchford (guitar)
Eddie Jelly (guitar)
Schuyler Deale (bass)
Lenny Kottke (bass)
Joe Franco (drums)
Joe Nevolo (drums)
David Rosenthal (keyboards)
Lloyd Landesman (keyboards)

Produced by various producers.
Overdub, Mastering & Engineering: Denny McNerny & Brian McGee.

19 of the 20 songs were recorded sometime between 1975 and 1985 by the musicians that have been in the Good Rats over the years.

Track 01 "Boom Boom" is recorded by the current line-up. These musicians are not all mentioned under "The Players". Instead they are mentioned in the booklet where Peppi is writing about the musicians in Good Rats.

Track 10 : "You ll Never Get It" first appeared in 1982 on New York's Poughkeepsie WPDH FM radio promo sampler "
WPDH Rock and Roll Volume I and II".

The booklet also contains a chronicle titled "Shakespeare Never Did This" written by Clifford Meth, Rockaway, New Jersey. Some of the chronicle is about a phone call from Peppi to Clifford. Below is an excerpt from the chronicle:
"Aren't you gonna list who plays on what? I asked the maestro before we hung up
I can't said Peppi, I don't know!"

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