BRUCE KULICK "AudioDog' (the album)
(the album)

Released : April 4,  2001
Produced by : Bruce Kulick
: 44:36  (track 1 - 11)

01   Pair Of Dice  (3:23)  Kulick
02   Strange To Me (4:37)  Kulick / Cuomo
03   Change Is Coming (4:57)  Kulick / Cuomo
04   Need Me (3:25)  Kulick / Cuomo
05   I Don't Mind (4:14)  Kulick / Cuomo
06   Monster Island (3:47)  Kulick
07   Please Don't Wait (3:31)  Kulick / Cuomo
08   Liar (4:16)  Kulick
09   I Can't Take It (3:14)  Kulick / Cuomo
10   Dogs Of Morrison (3:46)  Kulick / Cuomo
11   Skydome (5:18)  Kulick 
12   '495 '  * (4:35)  Kulick 
13   Bruce Sings to Joe  * (0:00)  Kulick 
14   Liar  (Alternate version)* (4:14)  Kulick 

* Track 12 and 13 : bonus tracks on the The Limited Edition 2012 pressing of Audiodog.

* Track 12 and 14 : appears on the red vinyl bonus 7" single which comes with the
   October 28, 2023 vinyl LP release of "Audiodog" (limited to 300 copies).

(0060-0049-F1-CD) released 2001 by Audio Dog Records

USA : Audio Dog Records - compact disc - 0060-0049-F1-CD

USA : Audio Dog Records - compact disc  - unnumbered Limited Edition pressing of 330 copies with 2 bonus tracks, which is officially on sale in 2012 exclusively at

USA : Lindsley Records - white vinyl LP + red vinyl bonus single (October 28, 2023)
USA : Lindsley Records - blue clear vinyl LP + red vinyl bonus single (October 28, 2023)

musicians :
Bruce Kulick (guitars, lead vocals, bass)
Curt Cuomo (keyboards,  backing vocals) 
Brent Fitz (drums on track 1 - 9)
Kenny Aronoff (drums on track 10 - 11)

Produced by Bruce Kulick.
Co-Produced by Curt Cuomo.

Track 08 : The song "Liar" was originally written by Bruce Kulick during KISS "Carnival Of Souls" sessions. Kiss used it as a basis for another song which wasn't used on the album either. Bruce Kulick went back to the original version of his demo, to record "Liar" for inclusion on the "
Return Of The Comet" album, which version is different to the version on the "Audiodog" album.
Track 14, which appears on the  red vinyl bonus single of the 2023 vinyl release of "Audiodog" is the same version as the one on the "
Return Of The Comet" 1997 disc.

Track 09 : "I Can't Take It" was originally written for Gene Simmons and is dated from KISS "Crazy Nights" era.

July 2012 Bruce Kulick released a Limited Edition pressing of "Audiodog" - only 330 copies available - which at the time was officially on sale exclusively at
The external packaging is the same as the original pressing, but the disc itself reflects "Limited Edition" and features two new songs not included on the original release: the instrumental "495" and a very special track called "Bruce Sings to Joe."

October 26 2023 : Audiodog album vinyl release Oct. 28
From : Bruce Kulick ( X )
On sale Saturday October 28th, Bruce Kulick's debut 2001 solo release, AUDIODOG on VINYL for the first time! Limited to 300 copies in Blue and White, includes Bonus 7" single, in stock and ready to ship. Order yours on Saturday from Lindsley Records.

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Bruce Kulick (official)

Brent Fitz (official)

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