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BRUCE KULICK Related Recordings

Various (unreleased) demo tracks

1974 ;  KKB  -  various demo recordings
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1981 ; Good Rats  -  live instrumental
Track 01 is a Jazz Rock fusion instrumental performed live during Bruce Kulick's club days with New York's GOOD RATS
01 4-9-5  (0:00) Bruce Kulick

1984 ; Rosetta  -  unreleased tracks
Track 01 - 02 : These tracks may have been intended for another ROZETTA project, the songs were not used and remained unpublished until 1987. Bruce Kulick was responsible for the music, while Rosetta Diliberti wrote the lyrics and melody.
01 Our Love's On Fire  (0:00) B. Kulick / Rosetta Diliberti
02 Fall Into Me  (0:00) B. Kulick / Rosetta Diliberti

1988 ;  Electric Angels  -  3 track demo 
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1990 ; Paul Stanley and Bob Held -  demo
Recorded at Track Recording Studios, Los Angeles. 
Demoed with Eric Carr (drums) and Bruce Kulick (guitars).
In 1998 Bob Held would resurrect this demo and overdub additional parts to complete the song, as it is released on GARBO TALKS self titled 1998 album. 
01 The Game Of Love  (0:00) Stanley/ Held

1994 ; Bruce Kulick -  demo
Track 01 : An instrumental idea written by Bruce Kulick during KISS "Carnival Of Souls" sessions. Kiss used it as a basis for another song which wasn't used on the album either. 
For inclusion on the "Return Of The Comet" album (1997), Bruce Kulick went back to the original version of his demo.
01 Liar  (0:00) Bruce Kulick

1995 - 1997 ;  Christine Lunde  (recording sessions) 
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1997 ;  Union  -  7 track demo 
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2000 ; Mind Menders -  unreleased tracks  
During the Holland/ German Kiss Convention/ Shameless Tour Bruce Kulick laid down some guitar tracks (on Friday September 29) for a Dutch band named Mind Menders, a young and upcoming Funk band from Amsterdam (with with female singer Patty Gaddum and rappers Don D'Lano and Fit) who just have won every important music price available in Holland for new bands. Bruce also played guitar for a producer who does cool stuff with samples and bands... 

2003 ;  Grand Funk Railroad  -   demo and live track 
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2004 ; BIRGIT -  unreleased tracks  
Bruce Kulick recorded three tracks in the studio of his brother Bob Kulick summer 2004, after Dutch creative director Sidney Brandeis had hooked Birgit (a Dutch singer/ actress/ TV host) and Bruce up.†
Sidney Brandeis (owner of an entertainment company in Holland which includes a management agency) happens to know Birgitís producer Peter Kardolus Ė with whom Bruce already did some session work a few years earlier in a studio in Amsterdam, Holland, as arranged by Brandeis.†
Peter Kardolus a.k.a. Chew Fu Phat worked with several hip hop artists in New York and also did many rock, pop and house projects. So, he was the perfect producer to secure Birgitís cross-over sound on her upcoming album "Sticky Tales", which was originally planned by Purple Eye Music for a February 2005 release.
At along distance Bruce Kulick played on three album tracks. Via MP3's his contribution were mailed to the Amsterdam based recording studio. Her band, mainly guitarists Xander Hubrecht and Jeroen den Hengt, was called in for assistance when necessary.
Prior to the album "Control" (featuring Bruce Klick's guitar parts) is released as a CD-single November 29, 2004.

After trouble with Purple Eye Music the album was postponed.
Then Birgit decided to release the album "Sticky Tales" on her own through Birgit Music (with Coast To Coast taking care of the distribution).
After a year, "Sticky Tales" is released November 2005, but due to a change of producers on this record, Birgit could not use the old recordings with Bruce Kulick, meaning that "Control" is the only song (with Bruce Kulick parts) released.  
01 Control  (3:29) E.Hooper/ A.Bojanic/ A.Smith
02 unknown title (0:00) 
03 unknown title (0:00) 

2008 ; Sapgir -  "Laps Of Time" album sessions (Released April 2010
In late April 2008 Dmitry Sapgir, his wife Natasha, manager Alexander "Al Bone" Novikov, studio Liga's chief Alexey Demrntiev and musicians of the band - Alexander Chekushkin and Julia Khovrenkova - visited Los Angeles by invitation of Hollywood World Studios chief Christian Ray Flores. The plan was to record some vocals and guitars on the new, made-in-Hollywood, album "Lapse Of Time" produced by legendary Curt Cuomo (Kiss, Edgar Winter, Eddie Money, Union, etc.) and to shoot three videos and promo video about the group. During the past six months in his Woodland Ranch studio, Curt Cuomo recorded the album with some of the best musicians in the the entertainment business. The album consists of some of the latest songs written by Dmitry Sapgir.

The line up is: Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Union, Blackjack, Meat Loaf, etc.) - guitar, Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Seger, Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Alanis Morissette, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Puddle of Mudd, Avril Lavigne, Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, etc.) - drums, Gary Novak (Alanis Morissette, Ozzy Osbourne, George Benson, Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole, etc.) - drums, Matt Laud (Christina Aguilera, Cher, The Corrs, Eddie Money, Alice Cooper, Donna Summer, Slash's Snakepit, etc.) -drums, James Zota Baker (War, The James Baker Band, Arco Iris, Libido, Betty s Got a Secret, Edgar Winter, etc.) - guitar, Melvin Brannon Jr (Babyface, Dan Reed Network, Edgar Winter, etc.) - bass, Matt Bisonette (Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Don Henley, ELO, etc.) - bass. 

Footage of Bruce Kulick's session is in the video for the song "Let It Never".
01 Let it Never  (4:54) Sapgir
00 Bruce Kulick also appears on some currently unknown tracks ...

2008 ; AMANDA MARSH -  unreleased tracks  
On May 14, 2008 Amanda Marsh did record two tracks in the studio with producers Bruce Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino! The song "Be Where You Are" is now available at iTunes.
01 I Wanna Be Where You Are  (3:46) ....
02 Everyday (0:00) ....


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