Gene Simmons
various demo's recorded with  SILENT RAGE, 
prior to KISS "Revenge" sessions.

Original Recording: 1991 - 1992
Produced by: ???

01 You're My Reason For Livin' (4:23) Simmons
02 Rain Keeps Fallin' (0:00) Simmons
03 Hold On (0:00) Simmons
04 Rotten To The Core #3 (0:00) Simmons
05 Never Gonna Leave You (0:00) Simmons
06 City Burn (0:00) Simmons
07 Everybody Needs Somebody (0:00) Simmons / Jesse Damon

Track 01: "You're My Reason For Livin'" would finally be released in demo format as part of Gene's audio CD lunch box for  "Sex Money Kiss" (2003) and on the Japanese release of Gene Simmons "Asshole" 2004 solo album.

Track 02: "Rain Keeps Fallin'" would be an early version of a song which would become more relevant during the period leading up KISS "Carnival Of Souls" sessions since several different lyrical versions of this song exist from late-1993.

Track 07: Jesse Damon would re-record "Everybody Needs Somebody" to release it on his "The Hand That Rocks" solo album in 2002.

further details unknown.

musicians :
Gene Simmons (lead vocals)
E.J. Curse (bass)
Jesse Damon (acoustic & electric guitars, background vocals)
Mark Hawkins (keyboards)
Brian James (drums & programming)

The songs listed above would be demoed by Gene Simmons and Silent Rage, prior to KISS "Revenge" sessions.


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




Jesse Damon (KISSfaq 2003)


Gene Simmons (official)

Jesse Damon (official)

Jesse Damon (facebook)

Brian James Fox (facebook)

E.J. Curse (facebook)

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